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Will you be entering the Grafton Brewing Competition in 2020?

The Event

The Grafton Brewing Competition is coming up shortly, with entries closing on Friday 17th April 2020 (or Thursday 9th April 2020 if using a drop off point outside of Grafton).

This is a not for profit event. Entries are received from both experienced and newer amateur brewers, with entry fee’s being very affordable at $2 per entry.

Attending and taking part in the event has become a yearly pilgrimage for some.

Please Pass This Email On To Other Home Brewers You May Know!


The event has been running in varying formats since 1867 and will again be a BJCP sanctioned event in 2020.

Seeking Judges

Judging takes place on Saturday 25th April 2020, with judges’ feedback being sent out after the Grafton Show opens the following week.

The judging panels consist of BJCP certified or provisional judges, experienced beer judges, and commercial brewers.

If you are interested in being on the judging panel (or know of someone suitable) and are able to get to Grafton, please contact to discuss further.

Those entrants wishing to attend on the judging day as spectators, please RSVP as soon as possible (numbers are limited).

Get The Programme

Website and facebook links below (The 2020 Programme + Entry Form will be available soon, AABC Guidelines can be downloaded from the website).

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Drop Off Points

It is hoped that drop off points will be setup around Australia (similar to previous years). For those outside of the area, this makes entering the competition very affordable.

Grafton Show Office – Please refer to programme for details

Hoppy Days Brewing Supplies – Virginia

Brew By You – Moonah
Brew By You - Invermay

MORE >>>
We hope to have more entry points around Australia similar to previous years. These are still being confirmed.

If you have a good relationship with your local brewing supplier, and think they may be interested in being a forwarder, please let us know.

About Grafton

Grafton has plenty of inexpensive accommodation, much of this being in walking distance to the judging venue.

Grafton also has a great beer and brewing heritage, and has a number of hotels with great atmosphere and beers on tap for those wishing to have a look around when the judging concludes.


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With the whole Corona virus thing, will the Grafton Show still be going on?


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