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wee stu

wee stu's brury - hand made beers, award winning l
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Got home from work today to be greeted by a more than usually enthusiastic welcome from my 9 year old daughter.
Turned out she'd had a choice of "practical" science lessons at school recently, and she chose ginger beer brewing (wonder why?).
Anyway, Freya, or the brewer's apprentice as she sometimes likes to be known, brought home her hand capped bottles, with hand written labels saying "Wee Frey's Ginger Bru".
Warmed the cockles of this cold heart it did.
Wee Stu,
now joint proprietor of Wee Stu's Brury.
bring some to the do at the Barossa.
It could have been worse. She could of brewed up a ripping double hopped I.P.A.
You're an inspiration Stu. Hope my 2 and a half year old daughter takes up the craft in the same way. She's certainly a very interested 'assistant' at this stage, especially at bottling time :rolleyes:

Brings a little tear too your eye

Bet your a proud Dad :p
That is brilliant Wee Stu.
Can't wait for the day my son comes home from school and says I have a project on how to make beer :lol:
Even better will be the day I can sit back generate the recipe and get him to brew it. :D

It is loverly hey Doc ,
then they grow up and leave home :p , come over to visit while you are at work and drink most of your homebrew :angry:

I talk with experence here <_<
well if i went to old man to drink homebrew i pour it down the sink
You guys may well laugh but....

My sons are in their early twenties. They (for some obscure reason) give me heaps about the time I spend reading about beer, brewing beer, reading about brewing beer etc.

Now they show up, with a bunch of their mates at all sorts of ungodly hours (including 6:00am on a Sunday morning) to have a go at the 'Old Man's' HB!!!!!!!!!

Mind you, I have tried to get the 15 year old daughter to do fermentation as a science project - complete with practical examples :)


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