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This is a letter that a workmates, workmates friend wrote to the RTA - (or so he


Here is an email I wrote to the RTA about the ad they have at the moment, that starts off: "say a truck runs an intersection 40 metres up the road, and your going 60, the comerical would end here and if you were going just 5 km/h faster, it would end here (and the car hits the truck)" and so on..

Well I tested the Subaru, noted the results, and wrote a letter...

Wonder what they are going to write back???


I have been recently hearing your advertisement on the radio and seeing it TV. So I decided to see how accurate the RTA is, I found the following:

At 60 Km/h, my car (details at end of email) stoped from 60km/h to 0 km/h in around 6.5 metres and never exceeded 7 metres. I found the average reaction time for a driver who is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol is 0.6 seconds, which is around 9.96 meters the car will travel before you apply the brake, so if a TRUCK runs through an intersection around 40 metres up the road, I will stop and have around 13 metres to spare, according to your ad, if I drive 65 km/h I will hit the truck... So the test was done at 70 km/h, surely resulting in a collision. SO reaction time at 70km/h is 11.64 metres, and the car never exceeded 8.5 metres stopping from 70km/h to 0 km/h. So added up, total distance required to stop at 70km/h is: 20.1 metres STILL 20 metres to spare.... SO with this information I decided to see how fast I really needed to be travelling to stop in excess of 40 metres including reaction time.... Finally after my brakes had started to suffer
from brake fade from getting so hot testing these emergency stops, I found that I had to travel in excess of 90 km/h to exceed 40 metres, at 92 km/h reaction time was 16.82 metres and stopping distance exceeded 24 metres...
Finally, I hit the TRUCK...

So with this, I would like to know what sort of vehicle you were using, what sort of cheap average tyres you were using, and I would like to have an exemption to drive 80 km/h in a 60 zone, since I can easily stop in much less time than RTA standards, OR financial compensation for miss-informing me about what is and is not a safe.

I think that if you want the safest roads by 2010 then you should consider informing people about cars that are safe to drive, I did once own a 1992 Holden Commodore, I sold it as soon as I possibly could, as I found it to have the worst brakes and no traction, especially in the wet.

TEST car details:
Subaru Liberty GX, 1997, Bendix Performax brake pads on front, Bendix advance brake pads on rear ? Brake pads approx 80% remaining.
Factory suspension, 15" alloy Subaru rims, with Toyo tyres around 95% tread, 156,000 kms on clock and 1 person in car (90kg) and car weight around 1200kg. tank of petrol and no additional weight in boot or cabin.
Being a person that made TAC ads for many years I bet if that is a real letter which I doubt. It would really give them the shits. They would be asking all sorts of questions. of all sorts of people.
He won't get a reply.

His research was incomplete - he should have done some testing when he was pissed, stoned and then pissed and stoned :lol:

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