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Bentleigh Brau Haus
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Ferntree Gully - Melbourne
tried it tonight and it wasn't as i expected. BUT you guys all built me up for somthing out of this world so i guess it was never going to be as good as it should have been :)

I found the aroma nice, what hops is it, or a effect of the yeast?

same as the flavour, cascade hops? or is it the yeast effect?

at the end of the glass (from bottle) i was missing it

so i guess i liked it a lot!
Would be much better on tap fresh i would imagin
Csacade is the main one for aroma and taste i think they use chinoook hops as well ask jayse he know american pale ales mmmmmmmmmmmmm
theres a LCPA thread going hasnt been touched for awhile.i want to taste their pils they only sell on tap at the brewery.

ill post some pale ale stuff on the other thread later done heaps of them over 100 litre of different ones going right now all with casacdes and 1272
when I went to the brewery I had the pils first up because i hadnt tried it before. It wasnt too flash and i couldnt wait to finish so I could order a pale ale.
16 odd days till im in perth but whos counting.i will hit the local and give this pils a try.will keep you posted jayse if i can hit the mother in laws comp.
I just received this thought some may be interested......

A couple of little updates from the Brewery...

Little Creatures on tap in Sydney!

Kegs full of Pale Ale are arriving in Sydney right now! If you're in Sydeny then make a bee line for the Australian Hotel in The Rocks and saddle up for a couple of flavour packed pints.
The Australian Hotel is our very first venue serving Little Creatures on draught outside of W.A. Stay tuned for our second venue in Sydney very soon...

Let the Sun Shine on in Queensland!

It's not just in Sydney that new things are happening. Little Creatures are pleased to announce that we have our very own "creature" roaming around South East Queensland spreading the good word. Perran Sonnex is the latest addition to the Little Creatures Team and will be looking after sales in the Sunshine State. This will result in making it a little easier for those hopheads in Queensland to find their next hit of Pale Ale or Rogers'. At the moment the best places to head to are Vinatge Cellars, The Grape, Liquor Land or the Fridge. Or ask your local to order some in!

Don't forget to get behind the Freo Dockers this Friday....another big game - we're all still recovering from Saturdays big win!

Better stock up with some more Pale Ale to see us through...

Love, The Creatures xoxo

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