Lagering After 2ndary Fermentation

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How you doing guys.
I have a kit lager that I brewed with a kilo of liquid malt and 500 grams LDME
I fermented it at 12 degrees then racked to 2ndary and into the fridge at 1 degree for 3 weeks CC, Bulk primed then bottled. Its been bottled for 1 month now so its carbed up. I read somewhere that after 2ndary fermentation has taken place its good to store the bottles back in the fridge and keep lagering for another month as this will improve the beer and give a cleaner & crisp tasting beer.
Any thoughts on this. :(
CC = lagering
once you've CC'd (lagering) your work is done, i don't bother to chill longer than it takes to get to drinking temp.
i lager for between 4weeks to when i can be bothered bottling (longest has been 4 months)
did you use a lager yeast?
Hi Tangent . Yes I did use a lager yeast Saflager W34/70
how long did it take to ferment out at 12C?
Hi Tangent , I had it in primary for 16 days at 12c

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