Lager Yeast, Slow Start... Help Please!

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Hi guys,

I brewed a Munich Dunkel last week and pitched a very active 3L starter (active until I chilled in the fridge to decant) of Wyeast Bohemian yeast over 48 hours ago. The beer hasn't taken off yet and I'm worried...

I pitched at 10C and took a sample this morning to find that it has dropped 3-4 points but shows no real sign of fermentation, no krausen either. I kicked up my fridge to 11C before I left for work.

When I get home I will check again for action, if it's still looking a worry should I:

a) raise temp to 17-18 until it really kicks off properly
B) pitch more yeast, I only have dried Swiss Lager Yeast
c) do nothing?

Wyeast recommend on the side of the pack to pitch at 17-18 and cool it down once fermentation is visably active but I have read many times that it is better to pitch cool....

What to do!

Cheers :)
its fermenting if the gravity has dropped I wouldnt worry just leave it. Lagers can show little signs of activity some times.
Cool, I'll stay calm...

What's the general view pitching warm v cold?
Cool, I'll stay calm...

What's the general view pitching warm v cold?

I think more than a 8-9degC sudden change in temp shocks the yeast...not really sure what outcomes that can cause.

I would recommend you just wait too....sounds like it's fermenting anyways if the gravity is dropping.
leave it at 10 deg, assuming your wort is actually at 10 deg

pitching cold is my preferred method for lagers

it might take a little longer to kick off since you pitched cold, but have comfort that you pitched sufficient cell numbers

stop looking at it for a couple of weeks, go on a holiday or something
I prefer to pitch cold - to me gives a cleaner ferment and I generally don't need to raise the temp towards the end to remove any unwanted flavours. I also like pitching at 10 and then after a few days dropping the temp a degree each day or so down to 5. Took a bit longer to ferment but turned out great with only a couple of weeks lagering in the keg.
Be patient & trust the process. Takes a day and a half for me to get a krausen @ 10C using 2124.
What was your beer OG?

3L starter may be a tad low, 4L or more might have resulted in a quicker ferment - however at a cooler temp the wort/beer can absorb more of the CO2 from the ferment before being driven out of solution - hence krausen may be slower to visibly form.

I would be patient and not ramp up the temp yet either. I don't think you would want to ferment it up at 17 deg being a lager (imo).
Beer is 1054, or rather it was...

Krausen is solid now and all is good :) Temp is still at 11 and I will leave it there as I think Raven is right and I have underpitched....

Thanks guys!

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