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big d

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not wanting to do a poll but am interested in peoples recomendations for a good wyeast lager wanting to do some good lagers in 05 so am after some currently rating the seasonal octoberfest 2633.yummmo so the last of the last octfest brewers. <_<

big d
I like the Munich big d
czech pils, dunno the number, but its fantatsic ;)
Hi Big D

Lat weekend Chiller and I made a German Pils. 100% Weyermann Pils and 100% Tettnang. The batch was split and 1/2 was pitched with Danish Lager, the other 1/2 Munich. I'll post some tasting notes when they're ready.

wlp833, wlp800 are my faves so far... but ive heard good things about 2306 (or is it 2308) i might give that a go soon.
the 34/70 is easy to work with but pretty bland iMo, the 1056 of lager yeasts.
budejovice made sulfur bombs.
havent tried any others than those so far, ive only been lagering for a year.
Wyeast Czech Pils and Wyeast Bavarian Lager are my two faves. The Bav. Lager makes a great Bock as well as the other maltier lager styles.

I don't do too many lagers but FWIW I've used Wyeast 2308 Munich in an Oktoberfest which turned out pretty well and previously 2206 Bavarian which I was very happy with.

thanks for the help fellas.MAH i will eagerly await the feed back comparing the two yeasts.

big d

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