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Hey folks, was wondering, what do you guys use to label your bottles with?
I'm looking for some sort of label I can put on my PET's so I can record dates and types of fluid within type things, and I've heard of some labels that you can write on then wash off like a mini whiteboard.

anyone heard of these or used these? or have a better idea?
I scribble on crown seals with a nikko, old school :).

I actually have a three-digit batch number system that is unique to each brew, so I can write this number on top of the cap. It tends to be batch number-year, example my first beer to be brewed this year is labelled 104. This fits in with my records.
I am yet to find label software suitable for beer labels , quite happy to buy a good program.

I don't bottle much , perhaps 1-2 bottles of a brew , if I am lucky ( I keg it )
But would love a good label to show of on those special beer tastings

I see on the Coopers Club site they are talking of some labeling software , but those of you who are familiar with that site .......we maybe dead by the time anything happens :unsure:
i use these sticker labels now and again.about 80 x 25 .wife got them dont know
where from but are plain and you can write what ever info you want on them.aint pretty but do the job.

i just have number on my tops as well, i bought some labels, but dunno if i could be bothered washing them off.....

So i just got 1,2 etc etc, upto 9 now :)

I got fed up playing beer pot luck every time I went to the bevvie fridge, so now every bottle gets a Wee Stu's Brewery label on it.
Label is produced in Publisher 97 - simple black and white, change the name and description for each brew and give it a different bit of clip art in keeping with the brew.
I get three labels to an a4 page, cut them to size with the guillotine at work and stick em on with a couple of dabs of UHU glue stick (dead easy to come off).
Use champagne bottles a lot now - and they look pretty good with the label - nice for taking round to someone elses for dinner etc too.
i use labels similair to big d but they are small enough to fit on the caps. just enough for the beer type and come off easily when finished.
Jazman said:
stu u a sheety
Jazman, I honestly don't know what to say to that!

where did you get the lables - are they circular about 25mm across. That's what I was trying to find in all the office supply shops.

I figured I could do a simple label using the pre-set forms in Word, but I can't find the labels.

I've tried the avery catelogue with no success at all.

got them at k-mart i think. 13mm by 24mm. label on the pack says "not recommended for use in printers". so thats the worst part. writing out 25 or so small labels each batch. but they were about $7 for 1560.
thanks for the help guys, think i might fire up photoshop and take a page out of the book of stu with my own labels.
I use the same sort of system as Joecast, just small round white stickers from the newsagent. Write on all the labels while still on the roll (I strech the roll across the table) to make writing easier the just stick them on the crown seals. Once the cap comes off so does the label. Easy.

They are about 20mm across, the perfect size for the cap.

unfortunately i am still bottling!! desperately want a keg system. My bottling process takes me about 3 hours, so at the end of it, i only have enough energy left to write on the caps... real simple IPA #1,2,3...etc or whatever the style is. I can always cross reference this to my note book which has dates and other brew info. The biggest problem i had with labels was getting them off... can litterally add hours to the bottling event.
wardy said:
The biggest problem i had with labels was getting them off... can litterally add hours to the bottling event.
That's why I didn't go with sheets of adhesive labels. Dab of glue stick is easy to get off. I rinse each bottle in hot water once drunk anyway, and labels come away in the process. Easy ;)
Putting them on takes a bit of time <_< , but not much. And I sometimes have the 8 year old apprentice brewer lending a hand for that.
Number of brew in permanent marker on the cap.

All notes on recipe etc on computer, easily cross referenced.

The job will up a step when I reach 100 brews and have an extra digit to write. Won't happen for a while yet, though.
i just find this a wate of time and unless i was going to sell stuff i would never bother with labelling.
johnno said:
i just find this a wate of time and unless i was going to sell stuff i would never bother with labelling.
I've got to agree, mainly cause I'm lazy :p

The only time I'd label beer now was if I was submitting it to a competition.

I currently just write on the cap (with a marker) either a couple letters or a number to identify the brew.
That's what I was on about , label 3-4 bottles of a brew , nice fancy labels

Must some software avaliable some place
Texta on the cap - same as Murray except year first & then brew number. All brew details on the PC in an XL spreadsheet. List of what's what on the side of the fridge.

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