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G'day folks,

Just got bought a KMS150 Stand mixer as a wedding present and I noticed that you can buy a grain mill attachment that can be used with it. It states that it can be used for barley, wheat and many other bits and bobs. Has an adjustable mill gap as well...

Just wondering if anyone has used one of these as their grain mill for brewing purposes and whether it does the job or not.

Also wondering if I should get any of the other attachments that come with it, and if there are any that you've used that have been particualr useful (or the opposite)?

Many thanks!
As far as I know, the mill attachments for mixers are designed to generate flour rather than what we need for brewing - intact husks and cracked kernels. Flour mills tend to tear up the husks and grind the kernel to powder which would probably lead to stuck sparges if you used it for an AG brew. Might be OK for cracking some speciality grains for steeping or for BIAB.

been discussed plenty of times. The attachment costs nearly as much as a monstermill or crankenstein and won't do any where near as good of a job.

Attachments that are good - the pasta maker. Expencive (and yes you can get an electric pasta maker cheaper) but does an excellent job. Dont bother with the ravioli attachment its shit house.
Glass bowl. You'd be supprised how often you want a glass bowl rather than the SS bowl.
A second bowl (if not the glass) I have the smaller bowl which is great for when I need to do som egg whites to fold into a batter or something.
MVSA - similar to the tefal product that slices all the veg. I think the tefal is cheaper and might be worth a look at instead. But when I bought the MVSA the tefal wasnt around and it saves heaps of time when making curries, bolognese etc where you need to chop a heap of onions etc. Also great for doing a quick salad or colslaw.
Icecream bowl. Yes you can get a $50 icecream maker but the kitchenaid has so much more torque it does a heaps better job. Then again you could go all heston and just use the normal bowl and dry ice.
Flex edge beater - this is probably one of the best attachments Ive bought for making puddings etc. It scraps the bowl so you dont end up with dry ingredients still stuck to the side.
The plastic bowl lids. Ideal for sticking on the bowl whilst waiting your bread/pizza dough to rise.

Juicer attachment - Meh buy a breville juice fountain.
meat grinder - ive not used one but ive heard mixer reports. I think for the money if your doing a lot then get a dedicated meat grinder but for small lots the attachment is probably fine.

Other than that I've not had much interest in the other attachements.
I contemplated the Kitchenaid grain mill attachment but no shops had one in stock that I could look at. From the photos it just doesn't look robust enough to handle more than a few hundred grams of spec grains, but I may be wrong. I ended up getting a s/h Crankandstein.

The meat grinder we make good use of, we often get a few kgs of chuck steak or pork neck and make our own mince. It tastes so much better than mince from the budcher or a supermarket.
Does anyone here use a spiral dough hook like this (not the standard one)
Video here:

Looks like it would work better than the standard one (seems to just form a big clump on the hook and spin it round the bowl).
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Thanks for the replies folks.

Will probably give the grain mill a miss, but the flex edge scraper and extra bowls sounds like the way to go....
FWIW, the KitchenAid attachment is made by Marcato (I believe), who make the Marga Mill.

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