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Bentleigh Brau Haus
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Ferntree Gully - Melbourne
a "religous experiance"
the "smoothest stout ever"
"Liquid gold", "never know you could brew home brew like this"

All from a simple taste test with some people at work that said i was a dreamer and silly if i liked home brew

haha i was on the floor.

I took in some left over stout i made ..... not even a yr ago. Each person got a stubby and i said let me know what you think.

One guy comes in to the office and gets everyones attention then start's saying how the stout was a religous experiance abd how he was on his knees bowing before me .... (wako)

I couldn't belive the feeb back. This was a great stout but i think i used a coopers as a base, some liquice extract and other bits and they loved it

I was happy as can be.... but now everyone want to try my beers !!!!!

they now have wheat, and tomorrow a kilkenny copy its gotta stop :)

One more point for the home brew boys (i'm not thought as being so silly now)

This guy also owned a pub, and knows his good beers!

Well does guys

AND i may even tempt them with a Jayse Pale ale (not sure how they will cope with the cascade poor VB sods)
Ever had someone who will not taste you HB , they say "no I don't like HB"
Can't get them to try it , while they sit there and drink EB
Thier loss
Dumb C*n#ts
:ph34r: :ph34r:
Well done Ben. Sounds like some awesome brews.

There are a few members of my wifes family that just won't come near my brews.

But then for my sons christening I made a brew and just handed out full glasses when we got back from the church. They all loved it and drained the keg.

Also they didn't really have a choice as I hadn't bought any other beer (home brew only) and it was a hot day. But now they always drink it.
Catch 22 really, they don't drink my beer the more for me. Now they drink my beer so there is less for me, but I have to brew more often.


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