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couple of questions.. im not quite keen to start doing any ful-scale kegging, but im interested in the hows and whys of these things...

If you keg a beer, does it require as much aging as a normal brew?

i understand that the beer gets carbonated by being under pressure of the CO2 and being cold, how much and how cold for how long?
;) I have been kegging beer for over 12 months. I have found that a little age in the barrel improves the beer.
I have found that gassing the barrel and letting it sit for a few weeks at room temp will improve it :p
i have the chance to pick up a keg setup for ~350.. bottle to gun.. and 7 kegs to go with it.. im just trying to make up my mind..
GSRman said:
i have the chance to pick up a keg setup for ~350.. bottle to gun.. and 7 kegs to go with it.. im just trying to make up my mind..
7 kegs ... bottle and gun ... for $350? ? ?

And you're hesitating WHY? ? ?

If there is a regulator included in the price, I say get it before someone else does.


hesitating because

A. its a 8 hour drive away.
B. its $350 that isn't exactly 'spare' this month
C. i didn't really want to go kegging just yet...

yes.. it has the reg..

my thought at the moment is that i would probably only need 4 kegs at the absolute max.. so i could sell 3 of them to finance the trip...
dont let the guy outa your site...$350 for all that is a bargin if all is in working order.. :blink:
I pressure my kegs to 200psi for a week then take them out of the fridge and let them sit at room temp for 3 to 4 improves it no end. :D
.ps.. dont sell the extra kegs quite yet.... once you find out how easy and quick kegging is you may just want those extra ones... :p and remember.....NO more bottles to wash :eek:

Cheers JWB

Thats a *bargain*
Even with an 8hr drive.

It cost me:
$90 - fridge
$120 - taps (2)
$180 - recon+resealed kegs (3)
$85 - regulator
$92 - 1 yr gas rental
$110 - disconnects(5) and lines, one way valves (2), splitter, etc.
Do it do it do it.

I held back on kegging for some time because of the startup cost etc etc. Everyone said it would be the best thing you will do blah blah blah.


If you don't do it now you will kick yourself when you finally do and figure the higher expense. Seven kegs, a gun and a reg.



Note: If I was still bottling I probably wouldn't be brewing anymore. Bottling sucks.
doc: bottling does suck...

So what are you guys trying to say? :p

i'll see where i can scratch the funds from.. its just that i just spent $150 on other bits n pieces..
My only regret from kegging is that I didn't do it sooner.
It is however a right of passage washing bottles, but once you've done your time kegging is the only way to go.

Seven kegs is a good number (I imagine they are 18/20 litress each).

I have 3 x 18 litres, 1 x 20 litres and 1 x 45 litre kegs.
This is just enough.

Always good to have stock on hand, and to age some. Even better to have a keg sterilised ready to go for the end of fermentation. Means you only have to sterlise your kegging tube. Nice and quick.

where've you got to drive too? somwhere in nsw? whats the guys name? telephone number? address? :D

i might be able to get a free fridge (real old) that works, so i'm going to eventually get all the kegging gear...
(eventually - as i don't have enough money yet or in the near future)

ps: i'll help you out, 3 x 20ltr kegs for $75 :D
mmm, they don't look like 30 litre kegs to me.
Try 20 litres.
Go for it guys.

It's gone already. $531.00 was the closing bid!
wow!... with 2 hours to go, there was 1 bid on it.. :)
Is Sandy from this list?
If so congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of kegging.


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