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Tony M

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So, over summer I made eight simple lagers in a row. All were 3.8KG. pils malt with between 200gm. & 300gm. crystal. All were cellared at 4C and 15PSI. All were poured at that pressure from a pluto also within the fridge into glasses out of the freezer.
My problem?....Some kegs would pour beautifully, giving a good 1/2 inch head whilst others would foam badly and finish with about 1/3 of the pour looking like icecream.
Whats happening folks?
was/is there any other differences between them.

ie did you dry hop some and not others.
I have had a similar problem with some of my dry hopped beers.
The pellets did not settle and some hop debris was in the keg. this agravates the pour as it gives the co2 gas something to cling to and come out of solution very readily.

Fixed the problem by making and inline hop filter - 13mm irrigation filter fitted inline of the kegging\bottling tube.
Works a treat now.

Hope this helps.
Thanks GMK,
I add my finishing hops at end of boil. The major variants would be my mashing tecniques. I am still stuffing around trying different ways so it can take different times to get my target temps. Somebody said the other day that these highly modified grains can undergo most of their conversion in 20 or so minutes, so if I am mucking around with temps. for 10 minutes, a lot could have happened.

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