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Sounds like another taste test coming up for me.


SUMMER is almost here again and domestic brewers are gearing up in anticipation for all those porch-sitting, beer-sipping, summer layabouts. After all, what's hot weather without beer, especially in tropical Queensland?

In an effort to capture this seasonal demographic the Malt Shovel Brewery is launching a new summer beer, James Squire's Golden Ale.

It follows on from this winter's Australian Strong Ale and replaces last summer's Colonial Wheat Beer.

Hopefully, James Squire will continue to commit to producing special seasonal ales to provide beer lovers with new boutique tastes.

Golden Ale is amber in colouring and its tropical stonefruit aroma is explained by the Amarillo hops it uses. Reminiscent of an English-style summer beer, it should be served cold (as if there was any other way).

Head brewer for Malt Shovel Brewery Doug Donelan believes it'll go down a treat with those with lager-loving palates.

"It has a restrained bitter finish, mild carbonation, a firm head and a dry cracking finish," he says.

For visitors to the James Squire Brewhouses in Melbourne and Sydney, Golden Ale is also being made available on tap.

Despite its alcohol content of 4.5 per cent it has a light taste the sort of ale you wouldn't mind sipping on during a day at the cricket.

For those who are into matching food with beer, Brewmaster Chuck Hahn, who founded Malt Shovel Brewery back in '98, recommends drinking Golden Ale with a bucket of fresh, cold prawns, a chicken caesar salad, whitebait fritters, laksa or a marguerita pizza.

At $16.95 for a six-pack, it's pricier than your average half dozen, but no more so than any other handcrafted beer.

Only 10,000 cartons will be distributed nationally, and it will be made available through bottleshops from next month.
they gave us an advance taste of it at the JS brewhouse on monday (by way of apology for stuffing up the oyster stout) - very nice amarillo aroma, although it's a bit er.. subtle with the bitterness. but definitely a good cricket beer
Picked up a 6 pack at lunch time - developing a gruesome thirst now, and the work clock is passing slow!!
should be available everywhere within days, and on tap at JS brewhouse king st wharf
Well it definitely has the fruity, citrusy nose and tang of the american hops. Seems a little thin though, but it does have a dry finish.

The label suggests it is "an ideal thirst slaking session beer", but I can't imagine drinking heaps of it. Been searching for a comparison, and although poor - the thought "lager and lime" keeps cropping back into my head.

For mine, if I want the zing of yankee hops in an Aussie produced ale I am more likely to be reaching for the Mountain Goat, Little Creatures or Lawrence Victor (if you can still find some) ahead of this one.

my 2c worth


wee stu
Try Liquor on Parade Mike....down the road from souths juniors, same side
Yes I did last night and they said "we've had about 50 people through asking for this" apparently the supplies are still a couple of weeks away.
Chuck was plugging it on 5AA a couple days ago. I'll try a bottle when it comes out but I don't expect to be knocked off my feet.
I dropped in to JS Brewhouse (Sydney) on Sunday just gone and was pretty impessed with the Golden Ale, but more importantly the wife loved it. Looks like it won't be long until their brewed on premises stuff is on tap. Can't wait!
Had a huge Saturday at Rosehill last weekend, helping those poor bookies put food on the table before pounding them in the getout stakes ( Race 8 Adel). Best part of the day apart from the scenery had to be a fridge full of Malt-shovel Pilsner in the end bar on the main stand. Tell Leon I sent you! How good is it that you can get a truely great beer at a sporting event. The great beer and the truckload of cash inspired a group decision to get the train to central and hit the Malt Shovel bar at King St.One problem-No beer, well nothing that stood out of the crowd. Wandered down to Bungalow 8. Great range of beers great crowd GREAT SERVICE.
I would like to add that I am in no way affiliated with Malt Shovel, Bungalow 8, State Rail or anyone else I mentioned. Oh apart from a few bookies who I have helped out over the years by putting their kids through boarding schools.
Sweet! I've only been in Oz for five months now, and JS is the the best widely distributed name I've found so far (by 'widely distributed' I mean 'widely distributed' in the Brisbane west suburbs). Sounds like they've got a few, so I'm jealous because so far I've only seen Amber, Pilsner and Porter. I understand that interstate commerce is completely deregulated here in Oz - any way of mailordering?

Had the JS Golden Ale with a few blokes yesterday along with some other nice beers. It stood up well, has a very 'fruity' aroma and drinks quite nicely. The amarillo hops are the standout feature - they are different to cascade, but not completely without similarities. Citrusy. Could drink more of it, but still wouldn't really see it as a hot weather 'session' beer despite the labels urgings. I reckon 3 or 4 would just about do me... B)

Had a couple last week, desent beer, i did pick some tell tale signs though that it doesnt't taste like it was fermented any cooler than any other ale as they suggest.
Could even go as far as to say i picked ever so slight solvent like esters.
I did enjoy it all the same but it didn't inspire me at all.

For MSB beer club members Free tasting and snacks
"If you live in New South Wales or Victoria we are holding a Beer Club Member night at both James Squire Brewhouses in Sydney and Melbourne, where we will be sampling - James Squire Golden Ale.

New South Wales Malt Shovel Beer Club - James Squire Brewhouse, 22 The Promenade, King Street Wharf, Sydney
Ph: 02 8270-7999
Tuesday 23rd November - 5pm till 7pm

Victoria Malt Shovel Beer Club - James Squire Brewhouse (Portland Hotel), Cnr Russell & Little Collins Street, Melbourne
Wednesday 24th November - 6pm till 8pm
Ph: 03 9654-5000

Not only will you have the chance to sample the new brew - James Squire Golden Ale, but upon arrival you will receive a limited James Squire glass for you to keep!"
Bought a bottle of this the other day... the Amarillo hops are nice, Cascade-like but a bit less harsh, sort of a thinking man's Cascade. :D Other than the hops though there's very little to this beer, fairly one-dimensional I thought. It's nice, I'd have it if I was at JS Brewhouse, but I don't think I'll be rushing out to buy more.
Slight said:
Got any idea about an AG clone Doc?
My wife bought me a six pack the other week.
A nice drop, but nothing special.
IMO though would you really want to clone it ?

Just had my first one of these, and strangely enough I find myself looking in fridge 3 for something with a bit more "mouthfeel", just what is a cracking finish anyway?

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