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Was in Ballina last weekend and got into the JS Amber Ale. Great drop IMHO.
Does anyone have any recipes to try and emulate this?

I would absolutely love to make this beer.


ESB have an Amber Ale fresh wort kit. Not at all dissimilar. Even simpler than k+k too :D

I have made a good clone with a morgans royal oak amber ale and 1.5 kg of unhooped malt. try fuggles for hops...12 gm
mick said:
try fuggles for hops...12 gm

No. Should be American hops. eg, Northern Brewer for woody aroma rather than cascade's floral/fruity nose more suitable for a Pale Ale (see skunk fart ale thread).

You could make this as an extract only beer quite easily.

Enough pale extract to make 1.050 OG, dark caramel or crystal malt - about 150g should do for a start - (cheers JM ;)) and some Northern Brewer for about 30 IBUs and a handful for flavour and another handful for aroma. Use an American Ale yeast like WLP001 or just a basic Safale S-04 if the budget won't stretch.

In fact I might put a batch on myself. I have some Northern Brewer pellets just sitting there in the fridge, an old WLP001 that I've been meaning to re-use and three empty carboys.... sounds like a recipe for Amber Ale to me!
I put on a 1.053 OG AA on the long weekend. It's now bubbling away furiously underneath wet towels and ice cubes... I used about 200g ea of CaraMunich and Crystal, 1 Kg of Pale Ale Malt, 500g of Wheat Malt and about 2.7Kg of DME. Perle for bittering and Northern Brewer for flavour and aroma. Smells good during active fermentation! WLP001 recultured from a stubby of trub that's been in the fridge for a year made a nice healthy 2L starter.
A little bit of chocolate malt might also be nice in an amber. Goldings/Fuggles could also be used. Fairly high BU:GU ratio

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I've put on the MSB Pale Ale and that came up a treat.
Nearly all gone now though. :angry:

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