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Doctor's Orders Brewing
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As per a previous post in I bought two cans of the Malt Shovel Pale Ale.
I put down the brew on Sunday morning with a good one litre starter of a yeast from a Vintage Coopers Ale.
I checked it this morning and no activity.

SHIT SHIT SHIT #)(*$)@*#$)@#*$

Temp was sitting at 18 degC.
I cracked the lid and peered inside. No real activity happening in there, but there was a round growth about 10cm in diameter on the surface.


mmm what to do, what to do.

Well, I decided I'd rather be a few minutes late for work and try and save the beer, so I sterilised a brew spoon/paddle and scooped off the growth. Looked weird and not quite right.

Ok, so what now. Another yeast I guess but what.

Opened up the bar fridge in my shed and there on the top shelf was a packet of Safale. Opened the shed keg/lager fridge nothing.
Right, not going inside to see what is in the main keg fridge so Safale it is.

Tossed in the packet and resealed the lid.

I'm here at work with my fingers crossed hoping all will be well. I set up the webcam the other night too, so I'm checking it every now and then hoping to see a changing airlock or the start of a krausen head. :p

Anyone else survived a 3 day lag time between putting down a brew and active fermentation?? I've survived two days in the past.


You absolutley amaze me Doc.

Web Cam on your beer :chug:
therook said:
You absolutley amaze me Doc.

Web Cam on your beer :chug:

can you hook it up to the web for us? :lol:
It is hooked up to the web, just the same as the temperature monitoring graphs and stuff.

I don't have the streaming working at the moment though. I had it working with some other software but the trial period expired.

The webcam software I have running at the moment takes a snapshot every 10 seconds (and I get the image I posted earlier) and monitors the fermenter for movement. Hopefully when fermentation starts fully, the sensitivity setting I've configured will pickup the airlock moving. Then I'll post the .avi file of the time-lapse fermentation. :p
If it doesn't then I'll play with the time-lapse mode of the software and create a time-lapse movie of fermentation. That would be quite neat to see.


Does the good lady now that you have one set up in the shower, so that you can keep an eye on her , while your at work

Rook :p
I'd considered doing this with a spare webcam I've got, but I cant be bothered either:
running a long USB cable
or running another network cable and sticking another PC in the house

For the moment the cam can just sit there unused :)

Actual PROOF that the light stays on when you shut the door!! :D :lol: :p
Sorry Linz, but it is a cupboard not a fridge.
So your theory is still unproven :D

On the good side looks like the Safale is taking to it nicely. Woohoooooo.
Smells and looks fine so fingers crossed all will be well.


Rather strange, i did a double dump of the Pale Ale.

Pitched my yeast at ~20c. and a day later, the airlock started bubbling constantly, and i mean constantly. fermentation over in 5-6 days.

Love the webcam hehe :D
From Doc:

Well as promised here is 8.5 hrs of time lapse fermenter activity in 30 seconds. The movie starts when the krausen was at about 1cm. So you get to see it rise and fall.
Not the most interesting .avi file you've probably ever seen, but some of you might get some benefit from it.
In the future I'll do a time lapse still files (this was a time lapse video files) and join them together into a video file like those nature time lapse films.

Note: 2.88Mbytes for any of you on dialup.


I was having trouble posting the video in the post so I have uploaded it directly to the webserver and linked it from there - I will have a look later why it isn't posting the video properly.

Malt Shovel Fermentation - 30secs @ FPS
Certainly not the most entertaining AVI that I have seen.
there was this one with a pair of blonde girls.....

I've just racked the Malt Shovel kit to secondary and the good news is that the Pale Ale is:

looking good
smelling good and
tasting good.

I did an SG check on my "Deep Roast Ale" last night, and it smells fantastic. Tastes pretty yeasty (as expected, its still fermenting in primary) but I think it will be a brilliant brew. This was 2 cans of the roast ale, with a 21.5L total volume.