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I notice a lot of recipes call for 1 teaspoon of irish moss , I buy mine in tables , and use 1/2 for an AG brew.
Can this be bought in power form ? I bulk ? Is it cheaper that way?
Hmmmmm opinion seems to be the tablets are better than the powder.

In either case, rehydrate for 15 moins b4 using

opinions do vary batz.
1 tablet per brew
1/2 tablet per brew
me.. i go 1/2 tablet per brew :unsure:
OK thank big d , me too 1/2 tab.

But would like to know what other AGers do , my brews have been a bit cloudy
if your using jw pale ale malt like me then you can expect a cloudy beer.
it would appear to be a trait of this malt or at least this current batch.
my current crop of first ag trials are darkish beer so may well hide the cloudiness.
if your a fine conossiuer of beers as i no doubt believe you to be such as myself then a little cloudiness will not bother your stomach. :D ;)

in haze
big d
G'day everyone,
By tablet do you mean the Wirfloc that Grumpy's sell or is it something else.
Grumpys say to use one eighth of a tablet per boil size to achieve 22 l approx.

I was lucky enough last week to visit Jayse and the Skunk Fart Brewery to spend a brew day with him, and he doesn't use any clearing agent at all however he does a 90 min minimum boil and I think that this helps to produce a clearer beer.
We sampled a few during the afternoon an all were quite good. :chug:

Cheers B B B.
i use the jw tradition ale not probs but i do leave my beer on the yeasr cake for an extra week to clear it up and i used irish moss
OK guys,
So we must consider malt types when trying to achieve clarity in our beers but are those tablets called "whirfloc" Irish Moss or is it something else.
I remember when I was in Grumpys store for my first time and saw a sign that said
Would this be a hint that maybe the whirfloc is not an IM tablet?

Cheers B B B.
whirlfloc is fish guts, i believe

cure for hazes; do a step mash, boil longer/harder, add some gypsum 7 epsom salts to mash liquor, leave beer in primary two weeks like Jazz says, then rack to a cube and put in a COLD fridge for 2-4 weeks, 4 weeks for AG brews. If using IM, rehydrate for 20 mins b4 adding to boil for last 15 mins

I do not use any copper finings

I've used granulated irish moss in the past and am currently using koppafloc.
I do 90 min boils and the only beers I have that are cloudy are my Weizens and the ones I use rolled oats in.
I use 1 tspn of Irish Moss or a couple of little pinches of koppafloc.

fish guts hey :(
wondered where that sardine taste/smell was coming from <_<

seriously though im gonna try the same brew twice.. one with and one without whirlfloc to see if theres a difference.
as i rack then cc i guess i can do without it.

big d
Tell me more Doc , and where do I get it and how much
Dried up coppercoat?

I thought it was what you got after you ran into a flock of birds
With this vigorous boil thing to help clear it ... since I aquired a pizza tray that fits my boiler as a lid I can now get a very vigorous boil, only thing I spotted was that a lot of the hop pellets seem to get stuck to the side of the boiler from the froth and bubbles ... so I tone it down to keep this hops in the liquor. Am I being to catious ... thought this may effect my hop utilisations.

Oh and I use 1/2 tab of whirfloc per brew ... can't hurt now can it and they cost next to nothing.

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