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Hi all,
My name is Daniel, based out of Sydney. I am reasonably new to brewing. I have jumped all in after getting inspired after a few visits to some craft breweries and got the go-ahead from the wife to spend a little money on some kit, and like many, downplayed the cost of my new hobby, and now have a full grainfather kit, which includes a G30, 2x conical fermenters and glycol chiller as well as three-tap kegerator, I must emphasise on the downplaying of the cost. So far I have down a Pilsner and IPA and have a Neipa and Oat Stout currently carbonating away in the kegerator, which I hope to get into in the next week.
I look forward to picking up some tips and tricks as I start my journey in home brewing and, hopefully, in due course, be able to pass on some stuff I have learnt along the way.
Thank you for having me, and I look forward to getting to know you all throughout my journey.
Welcome aboard Daniel, I have a spreadsheet that itemises "EVERYTHING" I spend and the quantity I brew. This has been a fantastic justification for expenses. the more I make the cheaper the amortised costs become. Of coarse my equivalent costs per carton are compared to retail cartons and that puts me way ahead.
After a few more brews just show the wife what it would have cost to buy the same amount of beer retail and show her how much its costing you now. It worked for me......except the wife picked up the increase in consumption. :rolleyes:
Welcome, Daniel.

You're starting with a wide assortment. Good to see you love beer and have boldly dived in where most, including me, started in the kiddie pool with extract brewing.

Whether the savings on ingredients ever amortise your equipment costs depends on various factors and assumptions, but brew plenty and keep at it.

I'm also a Daniel.
Go big or go home!
I just started with a basic Mangrove Jack’s kit.
Keep us posted on how the brewing (and marriage) goes.
Hello Daniel, Welcome to the forum. Enjoy!
Thank you, guys, It was sold on the fact the savings will be realised after the next few BBQs we host, maybe the figure was downplayed a little, but I think deep down she finds it a little cool at being able to produce a product of the equivalent if not better than would have been paid for normally. Picked up some grains for an XPA today, may give that a brew this weekend, I still have 1 empty keg that needs filling :)

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