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girlfriend asked i i could make an alcoholic drink from the powdered sugar ice tea
so my question
with the ice tea powdered sugar packet adding water turns it to ice tea, if i do this in a big enough quantity and add yeast what will result?, obviously it would be very dry and the only flavours would be the ice tea and the raspberry or lemon or whatever ice tea flavour i have, should anything be added?
may make a small test batch first if nobody has tried it
The main factor that i can see having an effect is the type of sugar.

If it is just regular sucrose or glucose everything should be fine, but most artificial sweeteners/sugars are non-fermentable. Check the label the label to see whats in there and maybe try something similar to a forced fermentation test.

Add some active yeast to a glass of iced tea and see if it ferments and if it does how much? (and how it tastes) That should give you a rough idea on what to do for a full batch if it seems worthwhile.

I would think that you would need to add some yeast nutrient to a full sized batch and use a fairly neutral flavored yeast
I put beer in the plastic Lipton Ice Tea bottles when I go fishing. Much lighter than carrying glass bottles in the esky and it looks like I'm drinking ice tea out on the jetty. :ph34r:
Just thinking, that could get expensive if you wanna do it on a large scale.
if it has fermentable sugar in it, adding yeast will trun it to piss.

seriously tho, theres a brew ur own place near me that experiementing with a alc green tea and it actually tastes really nice and refreshing. The bloke said he was going to try put it to market so he probs wont split with his recipe.

I reckont he best way is to maybe get some wine yeast and ferment some of the flavoured juice you would like then mix it with some tea. Look up OzTops. if it ends up too dry add some lactose, which is unfermentable sugar to sweeten it up a bit.
Adding a neutral spirit or a spirit that complimented the ice tea i.e a cocktail would seem more the way to go rather than trying to brew something.

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