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found this... the things ppl trhow away...

plugged it in, all works, gets cold real fast, i love how the lights dim when you turn one of these old things on...

do some pannel beting over the weekend.... prob is they pucked the top hinge when 'removing' the door .... any one got a spare??.. mite just get one from bunnings :blink:


Thats an awesome fridge mate, how many have you got now? Post some pics of the finnished product.
this one makes 4, will post pics when i work on it, prob wont for a while tho, just want to get the door on it for now..

I love how you pull these things down and the frame is made from timber!..
Negative four is my guess.
haha.. power.. plan is... like the other one, is to install a later model compressor... for now, she will sleep in the shed...
instead of putting door back, make a kegerator/ferminator by making a frame of light timber, styrofoam sheets for insulation etc, put a door in, then fix flush to side of fridge where door was. . .keep it fullish of fermenting/keggeg/bottles beer and fridge need not cycle on/off too many times

Heh! Had a guy in today "what is a good yeast to use to ferment beer at 35C?" He lives at Broome and 35C was the lowest he could achieve! Told him to make a walk in like the above :)

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maybe i should keep the door off, and sit it in house during summer?!? ,,,
just to let the rest of the guys know that ryan wont be finishing this one as i picked it up today for my homebrew and eventually keg fridge ill post picks when i finish putting it back together.
thanks ryan for the fridge hope you enjoy the beer i swapped for it
hey ryan i spent most of the afternoon trying to remove that dent there is only the little section at the top that i couldnt get but it wont be noticeable when im finished

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