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For Sale: Complete All-Grain Brew Set Up w/ Fridges - Perth

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Hi everyone,

I was a member of this forum back in the day, however I forgot my old account details and just registered for a new account to sell my brew set up. I haven't brewed for a few years and its all been collecting dust. Really hoping to sell all together to minimise hassle. My knowledge of the topic is pretty hazy these days so forgive me if I incorrectly name things. Everything will need a good wash, and I haven't checked the operation of every single thing. Both fridges work, the temperature control works. The kegs and CO2 dispensing has always worked fine.

I will throw in bits and pieces that I have, air locks, starsan sanitizer, 12 x long neck bottles, 12 x stubbies, bottle caps, spare insulating material, spare hose, plastic taps for fermentation tubs etc.

Please note that I have not used most of this stuff for 2-3 years, so a lot of it will need a good clean, and possibly even need to replace things like plastic taps, air locks etc.

This is a great set up that will get you brewing all grain BIAB method, allowing you to control fermentation and even keg your beer and pour yourself a pint when it's all said and done. Looking for reasonable offers. I am based in Innaloo, Perth, and would prefer pick up but willing to be flexible. It would be great if some of the experienced brewers on here could chime in with your opinion on the value. (I've been out of the game too long and haven't had time to look up prices to get a good idea. I'm also not looking to bank roll a new business venture, just wanting a fair price. It will be sad to see it all go.

All photos can be viewed here. I'm happy to answer any questions you have. Cheers.

Beer fridge and fermentation fridge. Stainless Steel drip tray. 2 flow control beer taps make for easy pouring to get the right amount of head.

Room for 2 kegs and CO2 bottle with regulator.

Converted fire extinguisher to CO2 Bottle with 2 way Regulator.

Temperature control box, STC1000 and dual GPO with one outlet for heating and one for cooling. Heat lamp for heating.

Inside of fermentation fridge. This fridge's internal thermostat does not work. I believe from memory i bridged it out, so if you plug it in straight to a power point, it will just continually run. Best used with the temperature control box to maintain the perfect temperature for fermentation.

2 x 20L no chill containers to allow wort to chill over night. 2 x 25L (Pretty sure 25L) fermentation buckets. Both have connections for tap at the bottom so you can use these for bottling if you plan on that. 1 x BetterBottle 23L PET Fermenter No BPA. 1 x 25L Fermenter (Possibly 30L, can't remember).

20L Stainless Steel Pot.

Extra STC1000 and box so you can have another temp control for the keg fridge.

Stainless Steel BIAB 70L Pot. (possibly 80L but I think 70L) I used the BIAB method. Grain bag in another photo. This has a 2200W Electric element installed. I was also re circulating the wort to try and have an even temperature through out (though this is optional). There is a S/S ball valve at the bottom, high temperature silicon food grade hose (purchased through Gryphon Brewing i believe). 12V Pump, pumps the wort through to another ball valve connected to the lid of the pot, which runs out a copper pipe with small holes drilled.


Kitchen oven rack to protect the grain bag from the heating element.

Analogue thermometer, 30 cm, I think I used this at the beginning and had it mounted down the bottom of the pot, but towards my later brews I was just using the stc1000 to control the temperature.

Kegs connected to CO2 and Taps. All quick connection, easy to insert and remove.

20L pot (pictured previously). Bottle capper. Crown seal bottle caps. Red, Black and Gold (Not pictured). Refractometer. pH Tester. Wood chips (Made a delicious Brown Ale with Brandy soaked wood chips, mmm.) Hop bag. Grain Bag. Spring loaded bottling attachment to suit fermentation vessel taps. Liquid removal tube (handy for checking gravity). Mash paddle. Container for checking specific gravity. Small Oxygen Bottle and what i think is an agitator of some kind. (Used it once or twice for getting a yeast starter going). Bottle pump cleaner. Jiggle siphon with high temp food grade silicone hose. Assorted measuring jugs, high temp gloves. A couple of hydrometers.
Wow you were fully setup, refractometer, PH meter, O2, looks like a good biab bag too. Great setup for someone. Good luck with the sale!
Hey mate, lovely setup, the kegerator is awesome! It's prob worth about 500-600 with kegs. Ferment fridge about 150-200, pots and bits and pieces another 350. About a grand all up would see everyone happy I reckon. Good luck, shame ya getting out of the brew world...

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