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Car Killers - How many in how many Years

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Ringwood, Melbourne
So... I wake up yesterday feeling bright and excited, Im heading off to Keg King to load up on grains, throw on the threads and set off... (1992 subaru wagon)

within 10ks of my destination I hear a new sound from the car.... hmmm, look down and the temp is verging on critical, shit!! stop at nearest servo and open the lid... gingerly top up with water which the car was not at all happy about, kept vomiting all over the place, check oil and weirdly over full :blink:

Attitude, "she'll be right, just need to get rolling".. set off.. get to within 5km of destination and the temp refused to come down and now oil light comes on at low rev... shit!! Pull into next servo and repeat former actions..

I stare wistfully at the remaining 5km's and think... "nup, she aint gunna make it... so Id better turn round" set off in reverse direction... then the smoke starts.. a little at first... then a fair amount, car begins to make lots of new noises.. shit am I gunna make it home even?

loses power especially on an incline and is smoking badly, feel sorry for those behind... I take the route with the least amount of inclines..

The car got me home but I rekon if I had another 1km to go would have been a different story, Opens the bonnet and there is oil everywhere and shilt melting and dripping out under the car... feck it was hot.

Car gets parked on the road, out the front of the house... 20 mins of internetting finds me looking down the barrel at a 1997 Forester for 4k, 3 hours later I have a new subie in the driveway.

I didnt get me grains <_<
Well to be fair, it is a newer model... and well... I like subies... They get Ya home.. all be it in clouds of smoke :rolleyes:

I will never own another Ford, when those things die they leave you out the back of Butt F...


ed: this one even has an airbag!! Wow, livin in the future Rocks :icon_cheers:
I think you made the right call.
Subaru drivers are a bit boring. Just saying :p
I drive an H6 outback. try as I might, I can't kill it.

The only car I've come close to killing was an '85 mazda 626. That thing was leaking everything. water, oil, fuel, transmission fluid, brake fluid, every panel was dinged up.
I eventually just left it out the front of the house with the plates off & council took it away after a month.
Never outright killed a car myself, but a few left me walking.

In university the ag engineers had an annual fundraiser called the motorblast. They'd buy an old beater an sell guesses on how long it would last with no fluids and a brick on the gas pedal. Prize was a keg. Fords and GMs would never last more than a minute. Chryslers would run for a long time. I remember one 318 that lasted almost 10 minutes! :eek:
My second car was an 88 Ford Laser TX3 Turbo and I'd swapped the 1.6l out for the Mazda BP18.
It launched hard enough to run 13s and tear the subframe off the chassis.
After that, I had enough of doing cars up and switched to bikes.

I'm tempted by the new STI Forrester, but you can buy a used Range Rover Sport for the cost of one.
My missus nearly killed our old corolla......When we had two cars she claimed it as hers and was left in charge of it.....

2 months later I was driving it for some reason and decided to be nice and fill it up with fuel. Checked the coolant/oil levels while I was topping up the washer bottle and discovered the coolant was low, the washer was empty, and the oil was bone dry. How long she has been driving it like this is anyone's guess.....

I did once have an Austin 1800 that spent 7 of the 12 months I owned it being repaired....
:icon_offtopic: phaaark... and I broke my hydrometer this morning... just having one of those weekends, glad Im not brewing I probably would have blown myself up <_<
We've got a 2007 outback safety pack. Top car except being an auto, if you leave the hatch open after borrowing from the wife to go and pick up your grain and the battery goes flat you cant even push the bastrd out of the garage to give it a jump start with the work ute because of some stupid device that prevents you from taking it out of park if there is no power.

Subarus are good cars though. We will get another new outback in a couple of years.

Bradsbrew check near the auto selector, should always be a manual override to get it into neutral, I take it you have to have your foot on the brake normally to move it from park?

I think if your car is acting up that badly you should've called a tow truck, think of all the oil you left on the road for unsuspecting people to slide on, I came off my bike once due to oil on the road and it wasn't fun
That's what insurance and leathers are for.
Sounds like a great way to have a headgasket blow on you....

I've never killed a car in that way, the worst I have done was fitting a high current LED to a car as a "deterrent" and then not driving it in ages to charge the battery, being a young sod then I didn't have a battery charger, so it ended up sitting there for a while with a dead flat battery before eventually we called the wreckers. Shame, it was a nice little '92 Corolla that we would have kept if not for the much newer X-trail we had.
Love Subarus.

Currently on my second one, an Impreza RS 2.5. Bought it out of lease as my last company vehicle. Bargain at $13,000 for a 3 yr old car with a set of 4 brand new Michelins fitted.

Will replace it soon with another Subi when mrs warra gets access to her super.
I have had Subarus for 10 years, yet to have anything more critical than a cracked radiator top.
They have been really good to me.

I have killed a Hyundai Excel.... was great fun... good times.
I have had Subarus for 10 years, yet to have anything more critical than a cracked radiator top.
They have been really good to me.

I have killed a Hyundai Excel.... was great fun... good times.
I'm still in the process of killing my 94 excel, but I'm not winning.
I'm throwing an 18th b'day party this year for it.
I think if your car is acting up that badly you should've called a tow truck, think of all the oil you left on the road for unsuspecting people to slide on

There is some merit in what you say, however, it wasnt evident in the begining that this was the/an issue, in fact to begin with there was no smoke at all so limping it back was a viable option. (I had thought perhaps water pump/radiator issue but wasn't sure)

By the time it was smoking I wasnt that far from home. Wherever possible I was right off the road.

As a fellow bike rider Im aware of these hazards and TBH I think I was burning more than I was dropping. Neither of which are great options.

... didnt even have my phone on me lol... looked at it going out the door and said to self "naa wont be needing it" :rolleyes:

still the saddest part is I didn't get my grain
fair call, at the end of the day it's your money, a simple fix may have seen you get more than scrap value for the car if you had towed it somewhere to get it fixed before it blew the engine :)

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