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Car Killers - How many in how many Years

  • Never Killed one

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  • I always ring a tow truck right away

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  • I just get out and leave it where it died

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  • That frikkin car will get me home no matter what the damage

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  • I go through a car every few years

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My 93 laser is still going strong 315 000 kms
I've owned it since 2001 and in that time I've needed to replace
a radiator hose
top radiator tank
all the suspension
a ball joint
+ the normal wear stuff
still does about 700 ks on a 55 litre tank. Uses a bit more oil now than it should, the AC is great though never re gassed it either.
So you've never replaced a CV joint in it?
Was the engine still running when you added the water at the servo. Also milky/cloudy oil is an indication that there may be a problem, having said that back in the late eighties i ran my HR ute for weeks on cloudy oil and an egg in the radiator. Back then the local mechanic was more than happy to give me some old sump oil so I could drain mine and use the used stuff. Went well until the rings went and the coppers pulled me over for causing a smoke screen behind me, they still let me drive it the rest of the way home though. Best thing was for a couple of hunge I had another 186 bored to a 192 with a set of triples and being a proper car was able to get the tripod and endless chain out and change the thing myself without any problems.
All went well until the gearbox shat itself, so I bought a 351 XD ex pursuit the FMX in that thing was almost indestructable but i was able to turn the clutches inside out apparently. Roll backs with fat mickey thomsons will do that.

oh ended up selling the HR to one of the coppers that pulled me over.

Id take that as normal wear
those EJ's have a reputation for blowing HG's. I have an EJ20 powered WRX, can't seem to kill it. Touch wood! Never blown up anything else...

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