How To Force Carbonate With Cellamix?

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I have just started kegging and have got a cellamix 40 and cant seem to get it to carbonate. Can any one help me out?
you need co2 to charge cellarmix will not do it because of the nitrogen content

cellarmix is only good for pooring from an already charged keg
MMM... now the debate to return it for a CO2 tank or just dump the batch and naturally carbonate the next. :unsure:
Cellarmix is not of much use to HBers, the nitrogen is there only to push the beer from the cellar or from quite a distance to the taps. If straight C02 where used the pressure would over carbonate the beer.
You will waste lots of gas with cellarmix, in fact all the nitrogen.
cambrew, you said in another thread that you went with Cellamix on advice, I assume from a person, at BOC?

If so, mate, take it back and say this is not the right thing for me and I need C02... Which hopefully is what you originally walked there and asked for?

Anyway, don't stress it man, learning is learning and I am sure if you play the heavier hand you may end up in front or at least even over the confusion....

Their fault.