How Much Whirlfloc Per 22l Avg Batch

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how much whirlfloc do you use in the boil

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big d

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so many opinions on this one im trying to see how much whirlfloc is used per boil for an average 22-25 litre batch
Where is the option for "try to break tablet in half to use only half, tablet shatters, flies across room, dog chases it, use as many little bits as you can find and retrieve from the floor and or dogs mouth"?
:lol: :lol:
i will tick you as.... other amount gl
did the dog piss clear but? ;) :D
Half a tablet Big D.

Also if you want to sucessfully break one in half score it with a hacksaw blade and they break easily.

This next tip is from Steve SA if you want a quarter tablet lightly score the broken face of the tablet and it too will easily break.

More red herrings,
How about throwing in some black malt into the boil, say.... 15 grains. The tannins extracted should combine with protein and precipitate out in the fridge. On this point I think the more you sparge, the more tannins extracted more chance of creating tannin/protein complexes, more chance of clear beer. Caveat is astringency!
What about wheat beers? Since the beer is supposed to be cloudy, do you need whirlfloc?
When are the folks that make this stuff going to come to their senses and make it in powder form? Would be much easier to dose your brew with. :angry:

Nothing worse than being irritable at the end of the brewday and trying to break up one of these tablets. They fly everywhere.

BTW I ad about half a tab per 40 litre batch. Seems to work well enough.

Warren -
I have been using 1/2 a tablet for a couple of years and have been happy with the results, although I forgot it in my last 2 AG pale ales :angry: so I will be able to compare and see how effective it really is.

If I have it I use 1/4 of a tab per 23 litre brew. Haven't used it in a while.

Pedro kindly gave me some Koppafloc the other day and I used it in my Bock and O'fest on Sunday. It is in powdered form and on advice from several brewers I used a couple of pinches per brew. Results pending.

G`day all I have found by using a 1/4 tab in a 23-25lt batch does just fine also you may use a pair of sissors to cut your tablet into fractions its a lot safer than a knife.
refill ALTBIER

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