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Launceston Tasmania
Hi everyone,

I'm currently putting together a kegerator that'll hodl 4 corny kegs. I've only got 3 kegs so far and looking at getting more. I was first looking at getting 6 all up and that's roughly the equivalent in the number of bottles I used to have but now I'm not so sure I need that many seeing as it's a lot faster to get a beer from start to finish ready to drink with kegs comparesd to bottles. Should I get extra kegs that will need to be stored outside the kegerator I should I just stick with the 4 that the kegerator will hold? Does beer age better stored cold compared to ambient? etc etc. Let me know what you think.
Depends what you drink, but if you are using a kegerator/ keezer then below 10 C I expect. But climate can be cool in your neck of the woods so some in keg conditioning in a cool place might work for you and then swap into kegerator once you have space. You might want a big stout " barrel aging " with some adjuncts and that can be done in a cool place in a keg. Or you might want to pressure ferment in a keg so you would need kegs for that.
You ALWAYS want at least one keg spare, so you can fill it without having to wait until a keg is completely emptied. How many spare kegs you want sitting around is a matter of personal circumstances ($$$, storage space, drinking speed, etc).
My keezer holds 5 with 3 taps, i have 4 kegs so 3 on tap and 1 spare for rotation. I plan to have wort cubed ready to go into the FV when i feel the emptying rate increases.
6 would be the bare minimum, with 4 taps it's easy to have a couple of kegs blow at the same time (or a day or two apart) having one or two ready to go it's not a problem, but only having 4 kegs you'll end up with 2 two taps empty. It's amazing how quickly 19L can vanish if a couple of mates come round and it ends up in a session.
Agree mark! I have 2 x50 litre commercial kegs on the go plus a 19 litre corny to use as an in between. I still get caught out especially when I hit the nail on the head with a great brew! Mates come around from everywhere lol🍻🍻🍻
Then you find out how good a big stout tastes with 6 months in the keg, there’s one out of circulation for half a year...
Tell me about it
12 kegs full and 6 cubes ready to go with nothing to put them in and no one to drink them
Plenty of ageing going on

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