How Do I Add Picture From Flickr To My Signature?

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i cant work it out ive uploaded a pic to flickr and cant get it into my sig?
best way.

click on my albums (under the AHB logo top left, under your username)

click new album

click new image

add your image

go into folder

click image so its in the main window (not popup window)

right click on the main image and select copy link location

add this to your signature .

Or you could do the same in flickr and right click and select copy link location, But make sure you have resized it previously to a size that is user friendly
no worries, I am a bit blunt with instructions some times, More so when I am drunk like last night lol. Glad you understood what I meant :p
I don't know anything about Flickr but with other photo storing services, Save the picture to a Photobucket etc album and paste its image code into your sig. Two or three mouse clicks.

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