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Simplicity is perfection
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These pellet hops are surplus to my needs.

They have been stored in the freezer and vacuum sealed.

Would rather sell them as one lot, probably will get away with 500g post bag, total weight being 504g
But happy to sell individual items if that's the way it plays out.
Buyer pays postage.

First PM best dressed yada yada

All packs are 2oz / 56g = $3.50 EACH or $30.00 for the LOT

3 X 2010 US Cascade 6%

1 X 2010 US Cascade 5.5%

2 X 2010 German Magnum 12.8%

1 X 2010 German Northern Brewer 8%

1 X 2010 Czech Sazz 3.4%

1 X 2009 US Centennial 9.1%
More pellet hops that need to go to a good home where they might get used.

Selling as ONE lot, $20 and they are all yours, including postage.

Always stored in freezer and vac sealed. Weights are in the plastic bags, so actual hops will be a few gram less.

First PM in wins.

2009 Cents 9% = 135g
2010 Cascade 5% = 62g
Tett 4% = 47g
Amarillo 8.6% = 140g
Saaz 3.4% = 119g
Northern Brewer(Germ) 8% = 99g
EKG 5% = 54g
Magnum (Germ) 12.8% = 46g
2011 Simcoe 13% = 147g
Citra 13.9% = 67g
Many PM received.

Payment pending hops are gone.


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