Holy Crap Batman I Think Its Guinness

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As you must brew, so you must drink
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On Saturday i did a Beer Makers Irish Stout with 1.5kg's of Dark Malt, 75g roast barley & 20g of Goldings all with Salfale s-04 yeast. It started at 1040 and within 2 days i racked at 1020. I had the customary swig of the sample and it blew my little cotton socks off, this stuff tasted great, very much like Guinness, i stopped short of having a pint there and then, but look forward to the end product.
Will prime about 20Litres with about 130g of Dextrose. Can't wait.
and it will be even better in 9 months time...(sigh)

All my stouts just get better and better with long conditioning. So hard to wait.
Sounds like a beauty SJW.

I've also got high hopes for the Stout I brewed yesterday.
There was a nice 2 inch Krausen on it in the fermenter this morning.

Here is a picture of it in the mash tun yesterday.
mmmmmm Stout.


looks nice doc. im trying hard to leave my one week old bottles of stout. might have to try one this weekend coming up. just ot see how they are going of course.

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