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Please excuse any spelling mistakes as i am off work after my shoulder reconstruction and am into my 3rd long neck of COOPER SPARKLING ALE that i bottled 8 weeks ago, and must say am getting quite pissed.
Anyway i just went into my local HBS and asked if they had a copy of the JAMES SQUIRE PORTER, as i blew my load when i tryed it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. And to my surprise they did. Check it out, i can't wait till my shoulder is strong enough to lift the fermenter so i can brew this puppy,

- Morgans Royal Oak Amber 1.7kg's
- Amber malt 1.5kg's
- 500 grams dry light malt powder
- 300 grams Dextrose
- 20 grams Willamette
- 50 grams Roast Barley

Gough knows who i am talking about, and he does know his shit, so i think this should be a cracker. I am drinking a Guinness copy of his at the mo, and everyone who has tryed it thinks it is heaps better than Guinness. All i used there was:

- Beer makers Irish Stout 1.7kg's
- Black Rock Dark Malt 1.5kg's
- Golding 20g
- Roast Barley 75g

If anyone is into that i could be interested in a postal swap, it is a real cracker.

Anyway coments on the PORTER would be very much apreciated.
To quote Grumpy Thomas...

"Here is an excerpt from the BJCP style guidelines, a must have for any brewer interested in formulating their own beer to fit a particular style."

15A. Robust Porter
Roast malt or grain aroma, often coffee-like or chocolate-like, should be evident. Hop aroma moderate to low. Fruity esters, and diacetyl, are moderate to none.

Dark brown to black color, may be garnet-like. Clarity may be difficult to discern in such a dark beer. Head retention should be moderate to good.

Malt flavor usually features coffee-like or chocolate-like roasty dryness. Overall flavor may finish from medium sweet to dry, depending on grist composition, hop bittering level, and attenuation. May have a sharp character from dark roasted grains. Hop flavor varies widely. Diacetyl moderate to none.

Medium to medium-full bodied. Low to moderate carbonation.

Overall Impression:
A substantial dark ale with complex roasty malt, hop and fermentation characteristics.

Originating in England, Porter developed as a blend of beers or gyles known as "Entire." A precursor to stout. Said to have been favored by porters and other physical laborers.

Although a rather variable style, it may be distinguished from closely-related Stout as lacking the Stouts roasted barley character.

May contain several malts, prominently dark roasted malts and grains, which often include black malt. Hops are used for bittering, flavor and/or aroma. Water must have significant carbonate hardness. Ale yeast is most common.

Vital Statistics:
OG: 1.050- 1.065

IBUs: 25-45 FG: 1.012-1.016

SRM: 30+ ABV: 4.8-6.0%

So the suggestion is:
10% 120-140 EBC Crystal malt
5% Chocolate Malt
2.5% Black malt (NOT roast barley)
The balance made up of pale malt...mashed no lower than 66 C....
Use goldings hops.
Any pommy ale yeast such as london ale 1028 or Safale S-04.....

If u are not mashing just substitute pale malt extract for the pale malt...

This s a recipe jayse posted on this thread.http://www.aussiehomebrewer.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=817&hl=james+squire+porter

i have a extract recipe.
it may be a little more complex than what your after johnno.it requires steeping grain and boiling wort with hops etc.so its a full extract recipe and requires a 10 litre boil for one hour so not really a kit extract recipe.you'll need a big pot.

i beleive that msb may actually use a lager yeast and from memory also use wheat anyway this extract recipe is based on the guidelines for porter.

for 20 litres (for 23litre or whatever just increase the dry malt.)
2 x 1.5 cans coopers unhopped malt extract.
250 g dry malt extract
450 g 80L crystal malt (or 350g 120L crystal such as cara aroma)
120 g black malt for a robust version or 230 g of choc malt for a standard brown.

50g kent goldings 60 minute boil

14-28g kent goldings added ten minutes before the end of the boil.

i guess you could get away with using safale or notingham dry yeast but i would use london ale 1028.[/B

I used the choc malt and the london 1028.
Currently drinking it now. Probably the best beer I have made so far. Will try black malt in the next one.
I love it anyway.


The recipe looks allright....

Remember taht the JS Porter is closer in style to a dark lager.

This is what i would add to it:
150 gms of choc grains steeped with the roast barley.
steep in 5 ltrs of water or 10 if you can boil up taht much.
Make sure that you sieve the grains out.

In the boil - your choice - cam add 50 gms of dark compound cooking choc or cadbury highlights and substitute the sugar for either dark brown sugar or golden syrup - Flame suit on for the purists out there taht dont like this - but hey, dont knock it until you try it.

GMK the Pantry Brewer....... :rolleyes:

Boil for 20mins with 1/2 hops for the full boil and the rest thrown in with 5 mins to end.

Rack to secondary and dry hop with perle if needed.
CC for at least a month in fridge before kegging, bottling.

Let us know how you go.

Sorry to here about the shoulder - hope you are not on pain killers while drinking.
GMK, I brewed a chocolate stout recently - got some advice from you in my query thread, ta - and I also have a Porter going without chocolate added. I actually think the porter tastes more "chocolately" than the stout. I used a good deal of chocolate malt in it and a decent hit of black malt and a kilo of munich and some caramunich - (and a couple kilos of extract.

Now I don't mind pantry adjuncts, but I found that once the oils were skimmed during the boil and the sugars fermented out in the fermenter the resulting mass of cocoa powder just added a different kind of bitterness, no really "chocolate" kick at all. It may of course just been my execution, but I don't think I'd do it again... but who knows. The Mrs really likes it.

I'll post the porter part mash recipe when I get home. It's only just finished primary, but I reckon it's one of my best brews yet (second crack at a porter).
Thanks for the feedback PoMo.

I have made porters both with and without choc.
I normally brew with Dark compound choc - homebrand.

After Prime s post and read the cadbury highlights container - i have given this a try. reason for the highlights is the fats are alot less.

But, i think the dark compound cooking choc adds an extra depth and dimension to the beer. Chiller advised on pure cocoa - but i think this is more bitter than the dark compound cooking choc.
I'll back GMK here on the similarity of the JS Porter to a dark lager. I agree it's more like a dark lager. I recently brewed a schwarzbier using Pils, Munich and Carafa Special III and munich lager yeast (2308). I had a JS Porter on Sunday arvo for the first time in ages and I thought this was so close to my schwarzbier that it wasn't funny.

It wouldn't surprise me if they use carafa sp III in there (dehusked barley) as opposed to regular old roast. The roast is so smooth and nice. I know the chances are they use Joe White products, and JW doesn't produce a dehusked version, but hey I love the dehusked stuff. Just my 2c worth.

hmmm Morgans Amber is a good base

but why not steep say 350g choc malt and 150g black malt?

Steep overnight, strain add any extract to it, boil with whatever hops would be good

Jovial Monk
the more grain the better the beer!
JM, the HBS bloke said that the Roast Barley should be enough but was not to happy that i was messing with his recipe. So i will go to another shop to get the 350 of choc grain & black malt, how long do i need to boil the grains for and at what temp? and when do i dump the hops in?
i just got home from buying the extra 350g of choc malt (ebc 600) and the black malt (ebc 1100) and i also got 190 grams of (muttons)dry malt for priming. Just wondering how long to boil up all this grain for? HBS Bloke says if i boil for too long all the tanins (biterness) will come out, he recomends boiling the water and dumping the grain in with the hops for 10mins with the lid on, flame out. What do u think?
Also the 190g of DME at 75% attenuation will this be enough to give porter style carbonation?

Steep the grains in warm tap water - approx the amount that you will boil - eg 5ltrs if you boil 5 or 10 ltrs if you boil 10 for 2 hrs or overnight.

Sieve out the grains and add the liquid to the pot with the malt and the hops and boil for 20mins.
Then pour this into fermenter - dump in can contents - stir, top up to 23ltrs - pitch yeast etc....
Also GMK what do u think about the 190g of DME at 75% attenuation will this be enough to give porter style carbonation?
It sounds way low to me, now that i have run it through the calculator.
Here is a piccy of the porter I made using the above recipe.
Not the best shot but I'm very happy with the end result.


:chug: :chug: :chug:

mmmm where's mine?

Top work on the porter johnno. are you happy with it?
would you say the best beer you have done yet?
Anyway next time go one step further and do a part mash aswell.

Cheers Jayse
yep as quoted above its the best for me so far. Thanks for the recipe.
The only difference was I use 6 pounds of DME instead of the liquid malt.
Yep i'm loking for a burner and Bigger pot.
This one is being made again.

:chug: :chug:

What and how much did you prime with JOHNO?
From memory OG was 1044 and I couldnt get it down below 1016 FG.
Aproximately 4 weeks CC.
The notes for this beer are all over the place.
I primed with 105 grams of dextrose.

johnno said:
From memory OG was 1044 and I couldnt get it down below 1016 FG.
Aproximately 4 weeks CC.
The notes for this beer are all over the place.
I primed with 105 grams of dextrose.

Nice work - looks like my Trough Lolly porter! :lol:
Pour it into a Nonic and we're in London!!
105g of dextrose is a bit low for me. I primed 23L with 180g of Dry light malt extract.
I hope to be able to get to the grain and grape tomorrow as I want to make another Porter. I may makr yours via the recipe in the recipes section.

Well after all your advise the final recipe is as follows:

- Morgans Royal Oak Amber 1.7kg's
- Amber malt 1.5kg's
- 500 grams dry light malt powder
- 300 grams Dextrose
- 350 grams choc malt (600 ubc)
- 150 grams black malt (1100 ubc)
- 20 grams Willamette
- 50 grams Roast Barley

All primed with 190grams of Dried Malt.

I will steep all grains at 67deg C for 1/2 hour,
rinse into another pot along with the Dry Light Malt & Dex and boil for half an hour and and hops at flame out for 15mins. Then dump both tins and boil into fermenter with SAFALE S-04 yeast.
I cant find any good reason to boil the 2 tins of Amber Malt with the grain so i will just go with what i know.
I will let u know how it turns out.