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Black Dog Brewery

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Hi All,

Im trying to get all my equipment working for my keg setup. Most of it I scored on the cheap as it hadnt been used for awhile and hence probably needs some overhauling. My question is where do I get the parts to do this and what should I do?
The O rings from the disconnects Can I just get some from the local hardware or should I get them from somewhere else.
What overall maintenance should / or can I do to the disconnects to get them back to good working order.
My Reg is an old looking CIG twin gauge. Can they (or should they) be pulled apart and cleaned up? What should I do and / or replace. When I tried it today it wouldnt turn completely off and gas just ran through.
Does anyone know much about temprites? I have one and today when I connected gas to it (and a keg of water), it ran through Rust looking fluid! Should I try to replace whatever was discolouring the water or just use it and see?

I know I have lots of obscure questions but any suggestions would be appreciated.

Cheers BDB
"O" rings can be from Bunnings - otherwise i have some.
some disconects have a flat top that can be unscrewed and then cleaned.
the Temprite should be cleaned with Beer Line CLeaner - i have this as well.

If u want to - bring the stuff up to BrewInn Barossa and we can check clean up everything....

PM me if u want to make a time and day....

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