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I recently tried a bear called "beez neez" and loved it so went looking for a recipe which i found here and quoted below.

Ive only done 3 brews so far, so looking at the recipe i was what on earth :unsure:

If any one has the time and know how, is it possible if you could explain the steps involved in making this great Beer!

Thanks in advance :beer:

Well that didnt work so here is my recipe:

King Arthurs Honey Wheat Beer
(aka Beez Neez)
All Grain Recipe Volume 20 litres
Created by Peter Bichsel
Grain Bill

3 Kg Joe White Ale Malt Grain
1.5 Kg Wheat Malt Grain


Pride of Ringwood Whole Flowers (10.2% AAU)
Sazz Pellets (3% AAU)


Light Amber Clover Honey

Initial water mash temperature 49 deg. Cels.

Multirest Mash

Schedule: 44 deg Celsius 15 mins
52 deg Celsius 15 mins
68 deg Celsius 60 min

Single infusion mash (if you prefer)

22 litres @ 68 deg Celsius 90 mins

Boil time 1 hr 15 mins

Hop Wort additions

P.O.R 10 gr 10.2% AAU 60 mins IBU 26
SAAZ 20 gr 3% AAU 20 mins IBU 4
Honey 500gr 10 mins
P.O.R 5gr 10.2% AAU 10 for mins after boil has finished.

Yeast Saflager S23 Primary fermenter @ 15-20 deg Celsius
Secondary fermenter @ 4 deg Celsius for 2 weeks.

Notes: 12 feb 2005 You may delete Saaz hops if you prefer. Also I think I will add 750 Grams of Honey next time. Also nextime I may use 4kg of Joe White export Pilsiner and only 1kg of wheat malt

11 march 2005: 23 L currently lagering, I used 4 kg of JW Ex Pilsner and 1 kg of JW wheat malt. OG is 1052. I used 650 grams of honey this time.

From small sample tastings... so far..... its going to be a real ball tearing beer.
I estimate around 5.7%
This is an All Grain or Full Mash recipe Talism , if you still at the kit stage it maybe a bit much to take on straight up.

Perhaps GMK could help you out with a partial , he did a lot of meads over the years.

Not only is it an AG recipe, it's a step mash too. This would be a very complicated beer to make as a first AG.

Out of interest, is an initial infusion volume of 22L too much? (4.9L/kg)
NRB said:
Out of interest, is an initial infusion volume of 22L too much? (4.9L/kg)

It may refer to the total volume of the mash tun INCLUDING the grain in the mash, but then I really dont know for sure. <_<

Hi Talism
maybe you should try a tin of lager with some light malt, wheat malt and honey
i'd use mostly malt because the honey's going to thin your brew
i can't really remember what beesnees was like,
watery and thin are about the only words that spring to mind.

good luck
Thanks guys, might do some more reseach before i decide how im going to proceed
Talism said:
Thanks guys, might do some more reseach before i decide how im going to proceed

PM GMK , he did a lot of these type brews , I am sure he'll have a recipe or two for you , you'll possiably have to buy something first :lol:


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