Help I Need A Style To Match My Grain Bill

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Hi. I have some grain left over from various brews, I have come up with a recipie but would like to fit it to a style so i can choose the right yeast and hops.
my current recipie is
0.5 kg of Joe White munich
1 kg of JW caramalt
2 kg of JW pale malt
2 kg of JW Pilsner
2 kg of JW wheat malt
my brewhouse efficiency is a terrible 53% :)
i have refrigeration so can do largers or bitters/ales i have larger yeat S23 or English ale yeast

other grain i have lying around is anouther 4 kg of pale. 0.5kg of patent black, 0.5 kg of roasted barley but i allready have a stout in the fermentor and dont fancy anouther one.
Any sugestions would be good.
What hops do you have?

ps: Gareth Evans - do you / did you play the drums?
American Pale Ale? throw cascade at it and neutral yeast, or even the s-04 yeast youve got would do.
Hi Spork Hops I have are saaz, fuggles, goldings, Nelson Sauvin, galaxy I do have some others but can't remember off the top of my head.
Never played the drums but I did sing and write lyrics for a crap punk band :)

Hi Sim APA sounds good.
will come up with a recipe tonight :)
2kg Pils
2kg Pale Ale Malt
.5kg Wheat Malt
.3 Munich
.2 Caramalt.

If going APA, then use a high AA% hop at 60 minutes to 15 IBU.

Then hammer it with Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin (and if you have it, cascade or centennial) to another 15IBU at 10 minute addition (assuming you chill).

Dry hop it after a week with Nelson Sauvin (around 20g).


Easy peasy APA
thanks I found i have lots of cascade and some northern brewer so will give it a shot.

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