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The worst thing happened the other day, went to the keg fridge, and it had no power.
I switched off the fridge and tested the socket, all ok. Then I had a look at the junction plate, and found that the main red wire had corroded and fallen off. I then tried to take off the plate, and all the other wires had corroded and the whole thing fell apart. (late 70's fridge).
The fridge is great when working, and I have just replaced the seal, so don't want to get rid of it.
Any sparkies know how to re-connect the power/thermostat/motor?
simple enough, active (brown) wire goes to thermostat, from there to the box on side of compressor where there will be a relay, then the blue neutral wire will go to the common terminal of the compressor. also the light and door heater will be in parallel with the compressor.

a pretty generic description but they are simple machines.

Thats are resident fridgy Timmy.
May we make him captian cold of AHB?
iam supprised we don't have more trades people here.
Anyway like he said its a simple job to replaced the power cables.

Advive noted, fridge cooling, more inportantly, beer cooling.
Thanks Timmy.
No worries! Glad to be of assistance.

Might need to post here a bit more though!

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