Helles Or Dortmunder At Dan Murphys?

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**** Dan Murphy!!
Just get about to take 2 packs of Punk IPA back...stupid stupid me, never again. Fuckwits
I call it Uncle Dan's, in reality it is like that creepy uncle that you try to avoid but sometimes events transpire against you and there is no option other than associating with him :D
Helles and Dortmunder nom nom nom, but Dan's is like Russian Roulette with 5 out of 6 chambers loaded when it comes to imported beers. Nothing like seeing pallets of beer sitting on the back dock in 40c heat for hours on end. Woolworths the fresh food people my arse!
+1 for questionable handling at Dans. have had 2 seperate incidents of bad imported beer from there. I just dont bother going there anymore. I shudder to think what happens to the beer as it is trucked over here from the east coast!
If you must, grab a sixer of DAB, the mother of all Dortmunder. If it tastes harsh or out of balance, bring it back, it aint the real thing.

It's a fantastic beer if handled well, but I had some really bad ones from Dan's (also some good ones), but they were always refunded with no questions asked. Still a hassle though, especially if you don't know what it's meant to taste like.
Hofbrau though you could tell it wasn't fresh.
Guys, guys, guys. I know Dan's has a bad track record, but in my area it's either that or Coles/Safeway or a drive through. I've had to return many a six pack, but for lack of a better option I keep going back.

I was SO close to getting both the DAB original (they didn't have the export) and/or the Duke, but I got there before the replies were in... I ended up getting a few Sierra Nevada singles to try (first time) and a six pack of Samuel Adams Boston Lager. I know... no helles or dortmunders, but the bavarian style lager isn't too far off, to be honest - and my first impression is that it exceeds my expectations.

Will grab a DAB and a Duke next time I'm out that way and prey a don't luck out, as it's a 30 min round trip. The annoying thing is that I personally know three of the stock controllers/floorsmen that work in that Dan's and they are all intelligent beer lovers, so it goes a little over my head how they still manage to churn out so many duds.

Oh and I'll try the Hofbrau too. I obviously like the Oktoberfest/Marzen style too, being so similar to the above. A style worth waiting three seasons for.