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Barr Brews
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I'm going to throw my 10 cents worth in after reading the various posts from the Pill guy and the Hydrom guy.
Moderators of this forum really need to get a hold of these posts and Business owners as this forum is not about criticising, critiquing, comparing or bagging other businesses various products being introduced to the market.
The business owners in question have there own websites, facebook, you tube and other social media platforms to do that.

With the explosion of brewing product and equipment hitting the market everyone(some more than others) are trying to get a bigger stake from potential new brewers or brewers upgrading equipment and this Forum in the form of business sponsorship allows the free flow of information, not product comparison, to brewers on this site and that is where it should stop . Then brewers through this site can make informed decision making, comment, criticism and suggestions on various product that they have seen, come across, used and share this with Forum members etc. The important point I'm making is do your own research, this forum is one avenue to do this but there are many others.
I'll read any comments made to this post but will not respond-after all it is my 10 cents worth !!

Droopy Brew

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Sadly you are wrong.
This forum has become exactly that in the past 4 or 5 years. Just a vehicle for one or two sponsors to flog stuff and critisise the competition There is precious little quality information and advice on here now.

I have only recently started logging back in here and am very disappointed in the lack of activity and genuine discussion. Go back and look at the postings from prior to about 2017. There was a hell of a lot more activity on all matters brewing and a lot of very knowledgeable posters, many of who are long gone or no longer active.
Its a bit of a trend with forums which is unfortunate with many looking to Facebook for advice. The beauty of a forum is if you put in the time to read you can sort out those who know their shit from those who just know shit. This is lost on social media platforms but seems to be the way most are headed these days.
My 2c (even inflation has had an impact since I was last here- 2c was generally the accepted cost of an opinion).

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