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Hi all,

Use the following search term to search all the indexed issues of the Journal of the Institute of Brewing, in PDF format.

site:scientificsocieties.org/jib/ "term"

e.g. I want to know the in's and outs of mashing..
So go to www.google.com, or www.bing.com..

In the search box type
site:scientificsocieties.org/jib mashing
e.g. Just Like This

.. and you're presented with a list of results which will tell you probably a lot more than you want to know (or perhaps not enough!) about the nitty gritty of the subject you've searched.

Thought someone might find this useful, for the more inquisitive types probably.
And how to brew a nice relaxing cup of tea for those occasions when beer isn't socially acceptable :unsure:

both are good reads.. :beerbang: (notice the authors of the Tea paper are indian -- its a bloody big market! They also state a few health benefits too, vitamins, antioxidants)
.. and there's a ton more out there.

FYI, JIB have been awarded a grant to PDF archive (with OCR, so it can be search-engine indexed) their ENTIRE publication history back to 1895(!)

The goal of the archive project is to make the papers published in the Journal of the Institute of Brewing from 1895 to 2001 freely available to the public as searchable pdf files. Issues will be added over the next months. The IBD grants committee is thanked for funding this project. These files are made available compliments of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

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