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I have been trying to get down to the Riverview Hotel, Balmain, to sample the Hand-Pumped Ales from the Braidwood Brewery. Long story short, I have't made it yet. I am thinking of a Sunday arvo in the near future. Probably not the same type of format as the pub crawl from earlier in the year, although most big things generally start out small!
Any takers? :beer:
Why not , ya got me Gerard !!.................
Oh, the 'Nags Head' in Sydney still has (i hope) Matt Donelans (AKA ESB wort Kits St Peters Brewery) hand pumped Ales on 1 Fri of each month.
I would need to call the pub to confirm cause its eons since i have spoken to Matt.
Hey Gerard,

I would be a starter.

Would love to be in, but I don't think I'd be able to swing it unless it wasn't until mid to late Sept or even later.
I was in the US last week, I'm in NZ end of next week, and Fiji early next month.
So going out for a session on a weekend in the near future aint going to go down well.

It really doesn't need to be a one-off event. It wouldn't be that hard to catch up at things like The Nags, The Riverview, or the Beer Fest coming up at The Australian Hotel at the Rocks! Maybe an AHB get together once every couple of months?
Anyway something to think about. How about Sept? Fathers Day is in there and the footy finals. Maybe last Sunday in August!
What do you think?
I agree Gerard,
I know with myself, if i make a commitment eg, meet on bla bla every month....
I will be there.....
It is only when is say ' Oh i must go check that out' that really should mean
' Oh dont think i will ever get my sorry ass there for the next millenium'

Lets get a date set for guys that want to have a casual great beer, no commitment and see what happens i guess ?

Im in too

After the BJCP exam on Sat???

Just Kidding!!!
I'll be there. SWMBO owes me a chauffeur driven trip to anywhere of my choice for not being able to make the last Paddy's tasting night.
OK how about we set a date & time to meet up at The Riverview? I am thinking Sept 17th, a Saturday arvo around 2 ish. How does that sound? Any takers?
Just jacked a thread on Grumpys to this thread

Im in
Looking good for me too.
I'm in Sydney that week ATM :D and I just wrote it on the family calendar :beer:

My apologies to all that I insulted last time ,I will come, you going in on the train Linz .

I'll be there if I'm not working. For those catching the train, you'll have to transfer to a bus to get to the Riverview. Get the 433 from Central to Balmain. Or the 445 from Petersham to Balmain. Ask the driver to let you off at Birchgrove Rd.
Thanks Bus boy thats worth knowing .

Linz catch you at the the station .

Yep sounds good !
Hope im not rostered on for work that day, but hey nothin a sicky cant fix :p
Cya there,
oh, i'll cab it in so if any-one in the Shire wanna share, let me know.
Getting home, who cares !
( havent caught a train since i was at school ) :blink:
HBW you may have to renew your bus pass
:) Pumpy
Yep, i'll wip out the bus timetable, edition 1979.........bugga
I dont think it would have changed much anyway :p
Noooooo! I can't make it, I have my best mates 18th. I really wanted to come after missing the pub crawl. Oh well I finish my HSC soon and will have alot of time on my hands, might organise another pub crawl. Have fun guys, Scotty.

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