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Gulf Brewery

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Hi everyone

Now I know this is just freeloading, but us businessmen need all the help we can get.

I am looking for ideas on what to call the beers now. Now remembering that the logo is based around a fish and the target market is in the 25 - 39 range, have your say.


The beers are
Pale Ale
Light beer
Wheat / Wit (seasonal)

Just to make it worthwhile for people, there will be "Gulf Brewery" shirts give to the people that give the winning names (these will take some time to produce, but you will get them).

So folks you can either add to this thread or PM me. Go for it!

iam still liking the name 'petridishington ale' :super:

out on the tiles
Jayse. :chug: :chug:

Are you able to give us some background on the location of the brewery in order to come up with names that are relative to the operation ?
Do you have a genre or theme for the names to tie in with your marketing plan ?

okaaay,thinking,thinking. umm. i know! lusty lager, nah howabout anglers ale. burly brown ale. home port porter pilchard pilsener :D (sorry could,nt help myself) albatross ale, full gale ale,hooked lager,swivel ale,trawlers porter. bloody hard to match it to something fishy. still thinking...... cheers spog.
Fish Guts Pilsner
Fish Guts Pale ale
we could use the letters from the GULF logo...

Gale Pale Ale
Lively pilsner
Foctoberfest (could not help myself.
Adelaide beers, so for the Light beer:

The Colonel Light (or The Colonel William)

(for you non Adelaide heathens Col. William Light was the founder and surveyor of the best laid out city in aust.)

And maybe for the Pale Ale

Investigator Ale
(named after the ship matthew flinders captained to explore spencer gulf)
Port Pilsner
Pale Sail Ale
Captains Light
White Cap Wit

Still working on the Oktoberfest.

Here goes...

Phallic Pilsner (just look at the shape of the stubbie!) Or Fisherman's friend Pilsner
Oktober festivale
Fish tail Pale / Pirate Pale Ale
sponge Light
Seasonal Wheat / Wit (When available)

hmmm, this isn't very easy. All the best with your brewing adventure


edit, had another thought :super:
Doc said:
Are you able to give us some background on the location of the brewery in order to come up with names that are relative to the operation ?
Do you have a genre or theme for the names to tie in with your marketing plan ?

The location of the brewery doesn't really come into it as it is wholesale only, but the nautical / fishy theme is the go.

Here's my stab at this. Are points awarded on a scale :lol: of 1 to 10?

Port O'Pilsner
South Seas Oktoberfest
Albatross Pale Ale
Sailfish Light Beer
Spindrift Wheat/Wit

While these are not in the main connected to fish/fishing, they have the nautical flavour required.

My names for the beers are:

"The Point" Pilsner

"Seaside Sunset" Oktoberfest

"Sea Spray" Pale Ale

"Half Mast" Light beer

"Wave Top" Wheat / Wit (seasonal)

hope it helps....
5 o'cockle okto, or get rid of the fest and make a Spill the Mizzen Mrzen
Aft Wit
windfall wheat
Lubber's Light
pipe down pilsner
hard a'port pils
pressgang pils/pale
poopdeck pale
nine tails pale ale
as the weather on the gulf comes from the s/sw= sou"wester pale ale whale watchers ale?
ooh ooh!

Southern Right Ale
Pacific Pilsner

Octi Octoberfest

Hump Back Pale

Wave Wheat, Sailor's Wit

Sea Breeze Light
for the light lager how about..

Light House Lager...

Some more names:
- Cabin Boy 1/2 Wit.
- Southern Wheat Or using some of Sprog's idea - sou'wester wheat
- Pacific Pale Ale
- Port Adelaide Pilsner or Port River Pilsner
- Torrens Octoberfest or in honour of the Festival Theatre -
Adelaide's Octoberfestival

Hope this helps.
Linz said:
My names for the beers are:

"Half Mast" Light beer


This suggestion from Linz has got to be near the top of the list. It's a very clever description of the low alcohol character of the beer.

Considering the sealife on the south coast

White pointer wit

or even

Wit Pointer

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