Grain and Grape Closing Down

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Strange that it wasn't put up for sale? I would have thought it was a successful business having been around for so long. Really odd.
As for the lease I would presume he was on a three or five-year lease. Why couldn't the staff have bought it and paid him a sum of money weekly or monthly?
Maybe there has been a decline throughout the home brewing business which doesn't make it worthwhile to continue.
I just hope they'll have enough left to cover my grain book once they reopen, otherwise I'll be unimpressed. If they knew they were planning to close perhaps they should have emailed anyone with a grain book and told them to run it down before X date because they're phasing them out or something.
Who said anything about re-opening?

I don’t think they’re re-opening mate. Maybe you could chase them up for a refund or you could order whatever grain you need more before it’s too late.
Where are my fellow Westies going to for their gas swaps/refills now? Looks like I've had a leak and can't just drive down the road to replace it like I've done for years :(
Yeah +1 for gasguyz. Great service
Absolutely, I ordered yesterday afternoon after reading the above suggestion, put the gas bottles out overnight and they had already been swapped over before I woke up with my AIBAs hangover this morning. Will definitely use from now on.

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