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Old Thunder brewery
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Had a pint of gippsland golden pale ale in melbourne a few days ago, and thought it was bloody great!!, anyone know who makes it? or how i can??. Also, tried young and jacksons naked ale, and liked it also, any ideas on that one too??
I here they make some great brews...

Global liquor is the distributor - $61 a carton wholsale from memory...
that would be grand ridge.
see if you can find some of their others, moonshine and supershine are big fat monsters of barleywines (well, the moonshine is technically a wee heavy) and the brewer's pilsener's not bad either. theyve got an "extra hop" limited release version of the pilsener out now which is really saazy to the max.
vintage cellars often have their stuff (although it's a bit pricey)
The Gippsaland Gold is a great beer. Bought 2 cases xmas 2003 that was shared amongst a few mates, (bought 12 different beers in all and diveed them out), and it was the second favorite behind the Coopers Vintage Ale. So it rated second best out of 12 very good good beers - and the 2002 Coopers Vintage was always going to be pretty hard to beat.

We bought 4 cases of the Gippsland Gold the xmas just passed. 2 were great - as good if not better than the year before, and 2 were off. Must have picked up some infection somewhere. A reminder that we are drinking live beer and not pasterised, filtered and dead mega swill. Wholesaler gave us a full refund on the 4 cases so no worries or complaints.

Just back to the Coopers Vintage - bought a case of the last release before xmas and it didn't seem as good as the previous release. Didn't do a side by side comparison though - only from memory. Anyone else have any opinion on the last two releases??