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Howdy folks

It's been a good 12 years since I've done any brewing. My friends and I back in Adelaide used to do HEAPS (good Adelaide expression) back in the day ... after moving to Melbourne and getting rid of all my gear I'm really looking forward to getting back into things. Man do I wish the internet was as it is today back then!! This forum is amazing ... I've spent the better part of 2 weeks browsing around, wonderful crowd, loads of experience ... will be spending some 'quality' time here I think :)

I picked up a Coopers brewing kit a few years back at a Beer Expo and it was laying around dormant, until I mentioned to SWMBO that I wanted to start brewing again. She being a big cider drinker was quiet keen, which was a nice surprise seeings anytime I talk about spending money on hobbies she freaks out. So with her approval I ducked out and grabbed a cider kit (Black Rock Irish Cider) from Brew Craft (subsequently read the massive thread on Cider Recipes and will be trying some suggestions from that thread shortly) which we put down last Saturday ... in my rush to get things going again I totally forgot to talk a reading of the OG!

So with that brew on and bubbling away, I turned my attention to what we needed next ... bottles.

Luckily I'd been collecting the 500ml Bulmers bottles that had been breeding over the last few months and was washing, stripping labels etc and the wife asked me "How many bottles do need, I dont really want bottles all over the place ... can we put it in kegs?". To which I smiled and promptly replied, "Yes, Yes we can." And with that, I entitled her on the ways of kegging (which my friends and I used to do years ago with 50L beasts, which she remembers from parties we used to through), and would you believe it, she gave me permission to get some new kegging gear.

YES ... I even got permission to by a fridge to convert into our own kegerator ... I'm in heaven right now!

So with 3 brews currently bubbling away ... the kegging gear being collected tomorrow and the fridge on the weekend, it's going to be a fun time at my place soon!

The 3 brews I currently have bubbling away (all K&K brews) into what has now been converted into the 'brewery' ... YES, I was even allowed a dedicated room in the house to turn into a brewery!

1 - Black Rock Irish Cider
2 - Carlton Draught clone
3 - Little Creatures Pale Ale clone

Once I get things setup a little neater I'll snap some pictures for the gallery. And as we progress, I'm looking forward to learning more about AG brewing (which I have never been game to try) .. for which this site has an abundance of awesome information.

Thanks to everyone for contributing to such an awesome community, and making my entry back into home brewing a little more enjoyable.


PS - I've done some basic searching but not much ... what is the general opinion of the Brew Craft #15 Brew Booster? It seems to be included with almost every kit they have.
Good to See ya back to it and awesome to see a boss with such approval. I just started kegging. Zoo much better than bottling. You got three brewing at once. I need to hit that. Got two fermenters, next time I think I'll do a double batch in the fridge

Good to See ya back to it and awesome to see a boss with such approval. I just started kegging. Zoo much better than bottling. You got three brewing at once. I need to hit that. Got two fermenters, next time I think I'll do a double batch in the fridge


Thanks Chris! When I get into things I tend to get a little carried away ... 3 brews on at the same time might be a little much, but I want beer!

Picked up my first 4 x 19L kegs today along with beer lines, taps, regulator etc etc. Now, just need to get the fridge tomorrow and the CO2 cylinder I'll be 'renting' from BOC (for the mean time). I guess the most important thing is being patient for the brews to finish brewing. Atleast I'll have my kegerator reading and waiting :)
Good work Chris!

When i started reading, I groaned at the thought of bottling one batch, let alone 3!!!

Since kegging, I have never looked back, No more waiting and waiting for bottles to condition/carbonate. Once ferm is finished, transfer to keg, burp, burp, gas, gas and a few days later your away! You'll love it mate!

As with most brew 'enhancer' bags, THey usually contain a mixture of LDME (light dry malt) sometime a small amount of dex, maltodextrin, and occasionally some other fermentables. Once you find a few recipes, you will probably find that you can simply buy a larger bag of LDME (5kg or so) and dextrose, which will save a bit of money, which will allow you (if you want to that is) purchase small bags of grain to steep, and hops to add... Remember, LLME (liquid malt) can be subbed for LDME (dry malt) which works out cheaper...

Welcome back! EVen though you HAVE skipped the border ;)

PS: not sure if you have a company called 'supagas' over in Vic, But here in SA, they are the cheapest rental C02 bottles around...
"HONEY!!!.......HONEY!!!.....come and read this!!!!!. This guy is allowed to buy whatever he needs for his brewing without drama....."

*dodges a flying plate from across the room....

Welcome mate, and good luck getting back to brewing. You're lucky having permission to go with those purchases straight up.
I have way too much shit to count, multiple fridges, kegerator, with loads of kegs and bulk hop and grain storage etc....but its taken me a long time to 'accumulate' it all.

Actually my wifes pretty good about the whole beer caper, but you are still lucky nonetheless.

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