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Apparently they've begun brewing on premise. Saw last week they had a sign out saying they'd be brewing an english style beer soon and yesterday the sign had been updated to say the beer was in the fermenters. It seems they use Polyclar 10 as a fining agent (based on the 3 large buckets they had of the stuff). No idea on name or exact style.
They were brewing this morning as I walked past - I think they were mashing in.
Shafto's revenge is on tap and being served as of today
Went yesterday and it was pretty good. Rather subdued, but with a decent bitterness, and while I'm not a huge fan of the JS range, it was better than their other offerings. No porter on tap though, which was a bit disappointing.
you going for a beer after work to day then if you are might try to get up there for a pint

Doubt it - if I do it would only be for one. Hoping to get home early and get ready for brewing on the weekend, making some beef jerky and maybe pickle some onions if there's time.

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