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Hey Keggers,
Just a quick question, once a kegged beer has been carbonated, should the gas be left on constant at pouring pressure (i.e. 5psi)?
OR can the keg be set to 5psi and the gas turned off?
What s happens?

I have a brew kegged at the moment, and after carbonated left the gas on at 5psi, but have had it turned off for 2 days now, and it seems different....
Once your beer is saturated with Co2 gas it should stay that way with the gas turned off provided you havent any leaks in your system..

After my beer is carbonated to my satisfaction...(working in a glass steadly and keeping a good head)...I leave the gas at pouring pressure....25kpa in my case....after ive finished for a session I turn the gas off and it stays off till im thirsty (next Morning usually)

There are heaps of ways to get to the same end...experimentation and muck ups got me to mine


just expanding on jwb,s post the reason you turn the gas off after a session is for security.
any slight gas leak no matter how small and the next day you could find yourself with no gas and a flat keg of beer.
the other night i forgot to turn off the gas and over night lost all gas.culprit was a split in the gas line. :angry:
took awhile to find and cost me a new gas cylinder.

better to be safe than sorry.
iam the same if iam still sober enough to think about or go out to the shed i turn the gas off before i crash.
just incase it leaks.
sometimes i just leave it off untill the pressure goes bellow atmospheric pressure. then just top it up to pour the beer.
no need maintain any sort of controlled pressure,
carbonation is neither here or there it all comes down to finding out for yourself i think.
i don't follow the theory of a certain psi for a certain beer. just gas it and test it out.