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[FS] SS Chronical conical fermenter with TC fittings

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For sale - SS Brewtech Chronical 7 - 26L Conical fermenter - see Ss Brewtech 26.5 litre Conical Fermenter for product details.

I've had a great time using this fermenter and it's helped me make some great beers (including IPAs and stouts that placed in QABC) with the ability to dump trub and admire that beautiful liquid inside through the sight glass!

I've not had any issues using it, but I do have a problem with the amount of brewing kit in my shed (according to the boss). Apparently 2 conicals and only one fridge to fit them in is one too many conicals - despite my protests that it's one too few fridges... ok she has a good point...

For sale is the fermenter and all of the TC sanitary bits I used with it (the factory-supplied threaded ball valves are long gone):
- 1.5" TC sight glass
- 1.5" TC sample port to 3/8" barb
- 1.5" TC butterfly valve (x2)
- 1.5" TC reducer place to 1/2" barb (for filling and blowoff)
- TC gaskets

I've only ever cleaned with warm pbw and passivated the inside a couple of times using starsan.

Asking price is $450, pick up northwest region of Brisbane - specific location to be worked out depending on day/time negotiated with buyer.

Enquiries by PM preferred so I get email notifications.



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