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  1. P

    Sold Brewzilla, Fermzilla, Series X Fridge/Kegerator, Corny Kegs and Misc

    Selling all my brewing equipment as I’m no longer brewing and moving with no space to store it. Most of the equipment was bought new from Kegland in 2021 and has had light use with approximately 20 brews in total. I would prefer to sell as a package, I'm located in Camperdown, NSW 2050. Looking...
  2. D

    Malt Mechanics Fermenter 60L (16 Gal or 1/2 bbl)

    Hi Guys, Selling my Malt Mechanics fermenter, complete with micro sight glass, butterfly valve and ball valve with internal racking arm. $100 the lot, pickup Chelsea VIC 3196
  3. hidara

    Equipment For Sale Fairfield, Vic - 50l fermenter stainless steel

    https://www.vevor.com.au/wine-barrel-c_10705/vevor-50l-bucket-fermenter-conical-alcohol-wine-beer-brew-pot-w-lcd-thermometer-p_010126762078?gclid=Cj0KCQjwzqSWBhDPARIsAK38LY-IABpK4Qykxs_yixiY4Q1whdtbNl6gmILDHHqSUDJKEiZ_EqS8LWwaApvoEALw_wcB 50l 14 gallon stainless steel fermenter. Needs some weld...
  4. A

    Equipment For Sale 600L Carbonation Tank on castor wheels and with tow bar attachment

    600L carbonation tank, single skin vessel on castor wheels and comes with a tow bar attachment - $3000 ono It has a centre drain point at the bottom of the tank as well as a man-way access door for cleaning. Out-feed dip tube for dispensing liquid, pressure relief valve installed, currently wet...
  5. D

    bench + HLT with heating element + fermenters

    Selling due to move (leaving in 1 week !). Located in Sydney (inner west), NSW. ************ $180 Brewing bench Painted steel with marine grade aluminum sheet (resistant to corrosion). The top aluminum sheet stands on welded plain bars, so it is ultra resistant. I used the bottom sheet to hold...
  6. F

    [FS] SS Chronical conical fermenter with TC fittings

    For sale - SS Brewtech Chronical 7 - 26L Conical fermenter - see Ss Brewtech 26.5 litre Conical Fermenter for product details. I've had a great time using this fermenter and it's helped me make some great beers (including IPAs and stouts that placed in QABC) with the ability to dump trub and...
  7. P

    WTS: SS Brew Tech Chronicals

    Hey All, Unfortunately my mates and I have scaled down our brewing and need to sell our old SS Brew Tech equipment. Looking at the current SSBT website I can see that their product line has changed over the years which is slightly different from what we purchased over 2 years ago. Please check...
  8. S

    Wort spillage through open tap

    Hi all, I've recently made by second batch of home brew using a basic starter kit. Following a recipe kit I started the wort on the stovetop by boiling a Brewblend, Wheat Malt Powder and 2.5L of water. After steeping the hops for 20 minutes, I emptied this into the fermenter and annoyingly...
  9. G

    [Brisbane] Beginner Brewing Gear

    Hi guys, I have the below items for sale. They would be perfect for someone who is looking to start out, or just expand their equipment collection. Read on for details. 1. 2 x 30L plastic fermenters Price - $20 for both 2. 25 x 750mL PET bottles (Mangrove Jacks). Come with lids on...
  10. T

    Complete homebrew gear for sale, North Brisbane (extract/specialty grain brewing) $110

    Very complete homebrewing gear. Moving overseas, so selling everything, $110 for the lot! Contents: - Fridge with a temperature regulator, big enough for 2x 25 litre and 2x 15-litre fermenter ($50) - 2x 25-litre fermenters, 2x 15-litre fermenters ($20 each) - Copper immersion cooler, attached...
  11. J

    Beginner! Fermenter setup question

    Hi Guya beginner to all this, this is probably simply answered but when I went to start today, after sanitising everything I went to put in the tap at the bottom of the fermenter, but there’s is a plug that is sitting in its place, does anyone know how to remove it? Cheers Jim
  12. Only1MADMaN

    Coopers Lager (Lager Beer Review)

    Coopers DIY Lager Kit If anyone is familiar with my last brew review, I taste test a Brigalow’s Apple Cider https://aussiehomebrewer.com/threads/say-no-to-brigalow-apple-cider-review.99958/ But today I’m taking you through my steps for brewing a Coopers Lager that comes with the Coopers DIY...
  13. R

    Small 'all in 1' kitchen brewing univessel

    Hey! Long time reader first time poster here. About a year ago I set out to build my own budget 'all in 1' brewing univessel & this is what I came up with. All up it cost me about $250. I just purchased a 25 litre stainless steel fermenter, added a valve, thermometer & air lock. I AG BIAB...
  14. Beer Ninja

    60L Fermenter. Used five times.

    Two years old. Located in Kiama 2533. $25.
  15. NzBrewerMatt

    Cleaning the Fermentasaurus

    Hi team, how are you guys cleaning the fermentasaurus? I finished my first brew with this fermenter over the weekend and found cleaning to be a massive pain. I couldn't get my arm in there to clean the outside where the hops and yeast had left marks. Are you using a specific tool to clean or a...
  16. NzBrewerMatt

    Airlock vs Blow Off Tube (Limited Space)

    Hi guys, I've just purchased a fridge for fermentation and rigged it up with a temp controller. I'm also trying to fit two 30L fermenters in the fridge, one above the other. One is plastic, the other is stainless steel. The only thing I'm currently struggling with is space. I didn't really...