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  1. Klarko

    GF conical with KegLand G20

    Hi, Am looking at buying a chiller for my GF conical. I'm balking at the cost of the GF glycol chiller in comparison to the KegLand G20 or G40 even. I'm wondering if anyone here has used either KegLand unit in conjuction with GF Conical and if so, what was the experience. I'm happy to fork...
  2. F

    [FS] SS Chronical conical fermenter with TC fittings

    For sale - SS Brewtech Chronical 7 - 26L Conical fermenter - see Ss Brewtech 26.5 litre Conical Fermenter for product details. I've had a great time using this fermenter and it's helped me make some great beers (including IPAs and stouts that placed in QABC) with the ability to dump trub and...