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    [FS] SS Chronical conical fermenter with TC fittings

    For sale - SS Brewtech Chronical 7 - 26L Conical fermenter - see Ss Brewtech 26.5 litre Conical Fermenter for product details. I've had a great time using this fermenter and it's helped me make some great beers (including IPAs and stouts that placed in QABC) with the ability to dump trub and...
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    Chronical in a kegerator

    Hi, The Series 4 Kegerators are about 89cm in height and I think 85cm internal height? I was wondering if anyone has any experience with putting a chronical inside a kegerator and if they fit? The SS brewtech is 84 with the dome shaped lid and I assume maybe, 5 cm? smaller with the flat. I'd...