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Fs-> Perth -> 50l Esky Mash Tun

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As the title states I have an 50L (approx volume maybe a litre or 2 either way) esky mash tun up for grabs. The brand is Coleman.

Included is a copper manifold (slots approx 1cm apart) connected to a stainless bulkhead with a 2 piece stainless ball valve. A thermowell is also included and installed. Have been using it for about a year now and has served well for no-sparge and batch-sparge. Included is also a copper t piece and approx 800mm of copper so you can modify if you wish. The stainless steel wire just holds it together and isn't required if your careful when stirring.

All up this has cost over $200 plus labour to put together and everything still looks and works like new.

I am asking $120 for this. Pickup from High Wycombe.






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