50l mash tun, 100lt boiler, mega jet burner, 50l pot

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Seaforth, Sydney - Cleaning out the man cave and have a bunch of stuff I’m not really using.
50l Ss mashtun with falsebottom, thermometer and fittings. High quality heavy grade pot - my pride and joy for many years holds heat and I’ve mashed up to 15kg of grain. $150
I have a second 50l Ss pot with a hole cut for a ball valve. It has no lid but would be perfect to go with the other pot in a 2v system $60
100l ss pot I’ve used As a boiler with the mega jet burner. Ball lock and fittings included see picture $120
Mega jet burner - see photo for condition, still solid and able to get that boils cranking. $70
I’ve got a couple of spare gas bottle if anyone is keen also - $15 each.


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