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FS: Hops, a cask (20L pin) and two free fermenters

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Last of everything. All my gear is packed and what wasn't packed has been sold.

I do, however, have a load of hops, two fermenters and my plastic cask left. Some I wouldn't mind either a couple of bucks or a bottle (or two) of your best, others someone can have.

The cask/pin is ace. I had a bit of teething trouble with it initially and the plastic keystones don't fit amazingly well although the plastic shives from Grain and Grape (where I bought the cask from) was fine - probably needed hammering in a bit more, but the wooden keystones I got from Bribie G were fine. If you've got a hand pump or fancy dabbling with cask conditioning, this is your boy. I ran a few beers through it, worked a treat. There is a fair bit of pissing about involved but it's pretty good fun getting hand pumped beer out of it and my bitters were ace, or you can just get a tap from Grain and Grape:


And it'll work just as well, perhaps not quite as cool as a hand pump but the result is similar/close.

Cask looks like this:


Cost me $190, simply can't fit it in any boxes, as I'm leaving in just over 3 weeks, someone can have it for a steal, so make an offer and see what silly offer I'll accept.

100g packets unopened - $5 each

2015 galaxy
2014 Wakatu
2015 Amarillo
And about 200g of mosaic, no date but were bought from Brewman about 4 weeks ago so assume they're 2015 - $10 for this

2014 Falconers
Undated Challenger also bought this year so 2015 I assume
2015 Simcoe
60g Waimea

And a bunch of opened hops that are still good but in varying quantities.
2014 Tettnang
Undated Northern Brewer but as above
2014 Magnum
2013 Cluster

And I've got two 25L plastic fermenters (with taps). Someone can have them for nowt (or a bottle of your best would be gratefully accepted!)

Also got a bunch of miscellaneous stuff like slant test tubes for harvesting yeast - about 15 of them. Someone can have these if you're into that.

Would rather not post any of this, collection from Alexandria, Sydney or can bring into work (near Central station).
Hey there. I'll be back in Sydney next week and be glad to take the hops of you. Will be back Monday so PM me if you want.
mattyh77 said:
Hey there. I'll be back in Sydney next week and be glad to take the hops of you. Will be back Monday so PM me if you want.
No worries! Consider them yours. Cheers!
Spork - Alexandria, bottom of first post.

Welly, if hops don't go with mattyh77 and Spork doesn't want them then I'm interested.

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